How to Defeat Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P 43534

How to Defeat Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

While transitional bosses are rarely hard, Mad Clown Puppet is good at making a fool out of you. There are a couple tricks to make him easier, the problem is that things can go sideways pretty fast. It also doesn’t help that the adds before him can melt your health. That being said, we found a pretty good tactic to best this Lies of P boss.

How to Defeat Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

Suggested Build

For Mad Clown Puppet you want to equip Arch Heavyweight Frame, Belford Shock Cartridge, Workshop Union Spaced Armor Liner, Life Amulet and ideally Puppet Destroyer’s Amulet. If you have all three slots it helps to add something like Carrier’s Amulet to be at the ideal weight, but it isn’t overly important. Finally, it helps to have Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter. This makes any mistakes with adds/nearby flames less impactful.

For weapon I had success with Electric Coil Stick Head (chapter two vender) and Acidic Crystal Spear Handle (after the mini-boss in chapter four in a wide-open area), and Holy Sword of the Ark (boss weapon). I personally did it with a starting level Holy Sword of the Ark in a single attempt. This guide will cover using that, since it makes things a lot easier.

Finally, add Electric Blitz Grindstone, plus Throwing Cell to your usable items. These are invaluable for getting quick damage.


How to Defeat Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P 34534

Unlike most bosses Mad Clown Puppet takes place on the overworld. This means you need to fight it by other adds, which can vastly increase the overall difficulty. I personally suggest using Puppet String to kill the flamethrower enemies, followed by running forward to grab Mad Clown Puppet’s aggro. No enemy will fight you in the initial area with the first flamethrower enemy besides him, so bring him there and focus on winning.

Defeating Mad Clown Puppet

This fight is hard because he attacks frequently, punishes any mistake and has multiple moves that look the same. Some of this can be cheesed by just dodging randomly, though I found it was best to outright avoid him, regenerate stamina and then take a shot or two. If you’re using Holy Sword of the Ark timing is extremely important. Not only is the window a lot shorter, it uses a lot more stamina compared to other weapons.

When it was clear I could punish Mad Clown Puppet I would unleash a fully charged Patient Smash Fable Arts. Even two or three hits into this fight it immediately gave me the option to Fatal Attack him for a devastating combo. For the rest of the fight I’d play smart, continue this pattern and then wait for about 30 percent health.

At this point you can throw all five Throwing Cells at him and then finish him in another hit or two. Ideally you’ll get them within quick succession so he gets the status aliment. Ideally you’ll get the extending fist attack, as that is the best move to counter with Throwing Cells.

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