How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy XVI?

How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy XVI?

Now that Final Fantasy XVI is available for PS5; many gamers wonder how long the game is. Well, from experience and having played the game from start to finish, one thing is for sure it will take more than 30 hours to finish the game as there are just too many things to do in the game.

How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy XVI?

To be exact, I beat Final Fantasy XVI at around 45 hours. That is by playing through at least half of the sidequests available and watching the cutscenes. Though for completionists out there, they can be done with 100% playthrough at about 70 hours due to a plethora of side activities that can be done.

Things to do in Final Fantasy XVI

Some of the things in the game that further increase the amount of time to finish Final Fantasy XVI:

  1. Hunt Board – There are more than 20 hunt bills that you can do in the game. If you are looking to hunt every rare monster in the game available from Moogle, you are looking at around 3-4 hours doing them all. Some are challenging and can take you quite a few tries to finish.
  2. Crafting – Besides hunting all monsters available in the Hunt Board, you can craft the most powerful weapon or accessory by finding ingredients. Most of the components needed to craft the powerful equipment can be acquired from the rare monsters.
  3. Stage Reply – Combat in Final Fantasy XVI is simply fun. Those looking to replay any of them can go to the Hideaway, replay those epic fights, and get ranked how well they fare in battle.
  4. Gather Renown Points – Doing the main quests, and sidequests, and hunting down monsters from the Hunt Board will give you Renown Points. You can get rewards and other rare items, including talismans and Ability Points, by collecting a certain amount.
  5. Sidequests – On top of the main quests that are already lengthy, there are a lot of sidequests as well that you can do to learn further more about what is going on in Valesthea. Unlike in other games where sidequests are just fillers, doing all sidequests is a must to enjoy what the story offers.
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