Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ Detailed

Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ Detailed

Now that you have finished Final Fantasy XVI and spent around 45 hours, more adventures await for those who further want to challenge themselves, as there is a New Game+ that gets unlocked after the credits and post-credit scene have rolled.

After seeing that lovely ending, the game will prompt you to save a separate Clear Data. Create a new save file for the Clear Data, and a window will prompt telling you what the New Game+ will feature.

A new mode called Final Fantasy Mode will be available for those who want to start over the game with an added challenge.

Benefits of the Final Fantasy Mode

Upon starting a new playthrough in Final Fantasy mode, all of your equipment, Eikon, Eikonic abilities previously purchased, money, potion/bag slots, Clive’s level, and items that you have on your previous playthrough will be carried over to the New Game+ mode.

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Gain more experience points in Final Fantasy Mode

As you play through the game, you will also notice that you can keep leveling Clive until you reach the max level cap of 100 in Final Fantasy mode. The enemies that you defeat, including the boss, will reward you instead with much higher experience points to help you reach that cap. Additionally, if you are invested in crafting, much higher-tier materials will continue to be dropped by enemies and bosses or even in treasure chests scattered throughout the world. With higher-tier materials, you will be able to reinforce the weapons you previously have, allowing you to be much more robust and remain competitive as you play the game once again.

Crafting the Ultima Weapon

Okay, if you want to challenge yourself further, you can craft the most powerful weapon in the game in Final Fantasy mode, which is the Ultima Weapon. Crafting the most powerful weapon will require a lot of effort as you need to forge weapons that are higher tier and hunt rare materials from the Hunts later on.

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