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How to Unlock Microcosm in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Microcosm is probably the most divisive exotic in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. The gun doesn’t have a set place, as it simply does bonus damage to shields, along with having the least interesting preview. Still, those who want it just in case it has a secret use, or gets buffed in the future will have a small uphill battle to unlock it.

How to Unlock Microcosm in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Beat the Story

Before the quest for Microcosm appears the story must be completed. After this progressing in the Convalescence chain there will be one that asks players to do the three stages that require a fireteam to complete. While it’s possible to duo it, we strongly suggest getting a third.

I can also confirm these are the actual campaign stages and can be used to collect Prismatic upgrades if you missed them the first time. These missions also have a longer revive window, so it isn’t as deadly as the base version.


Ascent is the mission where players need to get to the top of the mountain and defeat the boss that awaits at the end. It’s not particularly difficult, though there are two changes compared to the story version.

The first is a new debuff that causes one person to be marked by the Witness. Essentially, all it means is that player will die when the debuff hits 10, and can’t be swapped until the timer hits seven. The person who loses it will also have a debuff that prevents them from grabbing it again for a period. It runs out in time to duo, but it’s so much easier to just rotate.

The other mechanic is randomly assigned glyph people. Two will be able to see the symbols that drop, with the third having to input the code. Messing this up instantly wipes the team.


In this mission players need to do the chase at the end. It also features the same core mechanics as Ascent. The best advice I can give is to get to the end, see what your stacks are at, and ideally swap to prevent the person with the debuff from being screwed. Just be warned a Shrieker will eventually spawn at the start to prevent waiting around.

This mission also adds two other teamwork based mechanics. One is a special enemy that needs to be shot from the front and back to lose its shield, and nodes that need to be shot in pairs.


Bad news, this mission requires doing the super long Witness stage, but good news is the swapping mechanic does not appear. Instead it’s much closer to Dissent, with the only real change being the person who needs to input the symbols cannot aid in killing the glyph adds.

Is Microcosm Worth It?

Currently Microcosm is not worth it. Since the gun is Kinetic, and raids now have surges, it’s going to take a hit in most high level activities. It also fits such a small niche it really isn’t practical to use in any situation. Still, we suggest getting it for the eventual buff it will receive.

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