Payday 3 Weapons Guide - A Comprehensive Weapons List for Heisters

Payday 3 Weapons Guide – A Comprehensive Weapons List for Heisters

Payday 3 is finally upon us (early access is live now!) and our favorite crew of masked misfits is back to pulling off heists. This time around our professional criminals are leveraging their impressive skillset in New York City. While preparation and adaptability are key components of a good snatch ‘n’ grab, a reliable loadout goes a long way to keeping a plan from falling apart.

The available arsenal is an important part of any FPS, and Payday 3 is no exception. When things go loud, you will be relying on those firearms to hold off the waves of police assaults. To ready yourselves for the life of crime, we have compiled the full list of weapons available in Payday 3.

All Weapons in Payday 3


  • Signature 40
  • Stryk 7
  • SP Model 11
  • Signature 403


  • J&M Castigo 44
  • Sforza Bison

Submachine Guns

  • FIK PC9
  • Ziv Commando
  • SG Compact-7


  • Reinfeld 880
  • Mosconi 12 Classic

Assault Rifles

  • CAR-4
  • Northwest B-9
  • KU-59
  • VF-7S

Marksman Rifles

  • SA A144
  • Reinfeld 900S

Overkill Weapons

  • Marcom Mamba MGL (Grenade Launcher)
  • HET-5 Red Fox (Sniper Rifle)


  • Frag Grenade
  • Flashbang Grenade
  • Throwing Knife
  • Smoke Grenade

Preset Weapons

  • Ziv Commando “Kick-Murder”
  • R900S “Thunder Scythe”
  • VF-7S “Featherlight”
  • A114 “Sentinel”
  • Castigo 44 “Tin Hammer”
  • S40 “Square Off”
  • SP M11 “Hard Cough”
  • R880 “Porch King”
  • CAR-4 “Monument”
  • KU-59 “Ruthless”
  • Stryk 7 “Hard Liquid”
  • Bison “Long Rager”
  • Mosconi 12C “The Poacher”
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