Destiny 2's New Crota's End Master Difficulty and Checkmate Control have been Delayed 23453

Destiny 2’s New Crota’s End Master Difficulty and Checkmate Control have been Delayed

Bungie confirmed Destiny 2’s Crota’s End Master difficulty, Checkmate Control, and increased drop rate for Essences of the Oversoul have all been delayed to Thursday.

Due to ongoing work to fix remaining weapon crafting issues, the Master Crota’s End Raid mode and Checkmate Control modifier in Crucible Labs have been delayed. Update, which includes a change to drop rates for the Essences of the Oversoul, has also been delayed as a result.

We want to protect the player experience with these new activities, so we are now targeting a Thursday release at the soonest. Please stay tuned to @BungieHelp for more information.


For those unaware of the issue, last week players accidentally discovered a glitch where Destiny 2 players could essentially mix and match crafted weapons to achieve unfathomable power. The most common example was Ammit AR2 with a shotgun frame, as that allowed players to defeat practically any enemy without much effort.

Following the weekend Bungie disabled problematic frames, though persistent players kept finding new combos that offer similar benefits. One such example is a sniper shotgun that can easily deal 3 million damage to bosses. While not quite on the level of previous glitches, where even 10 million damage was achievable, it would vastly decrease the difficulty of Crota’s End on master difficulty.

Despite the estimate of Thursday, it’s entirely possible this glitch extends beyond even that. The original fix took longer than anticipated, so the overall fix to previous and newly found issues might require a full crafted rework. It will be interesting to see what Bungie decides to do, but in the mean time it was previously confirmed Bungie will not ban for this issue, so even if you use one of the lesser examples it’s a good way to join in the fun or complete some tedious activities you’ve been waiting on.

Honestly, the really unfortunate thing is delaying the changes to Essence of the Oversoul. The resource, used to unlock Necrochasm and catalyst, would see an increase from one drop per week guaranteed, to that and a guaranteed drop per full raid. It was an update many were excited for as it guaranteed the exotic in up to 20 runs.

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