Stellar Blade's PS5 File Size Revealed

Stellar Blade’s PS5 File Size Revealed

Fans of the upcoming PlayStation 5 game Stellar Blade can rejoice as the game will not require them to clear out much space on their consoles. It is reported to be just 30.448 GB, Stellar Blade presents a much smaller footprint compared to other recent heavyweight titles.

Despite its cinematic-heavy nature with numerous high-quality cutscenes, Stellar Blade maintains a compact size. This is surprising especially considering that its demo alone took up 16 GB. This news comes courtesy of the trusted source PlayStation Game Size, which revealed this manageable size on social media.

For those worried about the game’s duration due to its smaller size, there’s good news. Stellar Blade promises a robust 20 to 25-hour gameplay experience filled with intense action and engaging storytelling. This duration could extend depending on player interaction and game difficulty.

With its launch date set for April 26th, players won’t need to fret over deleting other games or content to make room for Stellar Blade. The pre-load period will begin on April 19th, giving fans plenty of time to prepare for their new adventure. Despite its smaller file size, Stellar Blade is expected to deliver a full-scale gaming experience that will captivate players with its deep narrative and exciting gameplay.

Are you planning to pick up Stellar Blade when it releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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