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Bungie Details What to Expect from Destiny 2’s Crota’s End Contest Mode

Tomorrow at reset Crota’s End returns to Destiny 2 and with it the latest chance to take home the belt. While that goal is a bit beyond most players, Bungie revealed a number of exciting things to reward those who finish contest mode, along with the raid itself.

As previously revealed, Crota’s End contest mode will last for 48 hours and have a cap of 1790 for all encounters. Things like bounties will be disabled along with a number of weapons/mods. The original announcement confirmed the preorder fusion rifle Tessellation, Warlock Weavewalk aspect, Titan Banner of War aspect, Hunter exotic helmet Foetracer, Elemental Munitions and Overload Hand Cannon mods are disabled. A later post on X added Frenzied Stacks artifact mod, plus every Ammo Reserve and Font Armor Charge mods. It’s possible additional things will be added, though that is the full list as of this post.

Despite the large number of disabled items, those who emerge successful will automatically complete the quest and unlock Necrochasm. Progress made by unsuccessful attempts will be retained and will still need to complete a version that resembles the original unlocking method. In addition to Necrochasm, those who clear it over the next couple of weeks will be able to purchase a special ring, pin, and metal poster. If that isn’t enough, a full list of weapons, their perks, and armor can be found on via Destiny Report.

For those looking for a more in-depth explanation of what to expect from Crota’s End can find Bungie’s explanation below.


We are less than 24 hours away from the Crota’s End reprised raid, and we wanted to give you some reminders before hopping into the raid tomorrow.

You will need to be at 1790 Power to be at the cap for all of the encounters to take the raid on.

To give our servers some room to breathe, there will be no bounty or weapon crafting progress for combatant kills below boss tier within King’s Fall and Crota’s End while Contest Mode is enabled.

We are going to change things up a bit, too. When the first team completes the raid and subsequent challenges, we’ll verify that and proclaim them the World First winners via the DestinyTheGame account. However, we’ll still be performing a thorough security validation, and if we find any activity that breaks our World First rules, we will disqualify that team and award the next team the belts. We just want to handle this on our end and not make you wait around for a winner to be declared. So even if you see an announcement, finish strong in case there were any shenanigans because you could still have a chance at the title. Good luck, Guardians!


Yes, it’s coming back! To celebrate this return of a fan-favorite weapon, we have a guaranteed reward for those who are brave enough to take on Crota’s End during Contest Mode.

Players that acquire the Bottomless Pit quest from the raid vendor during the 48-hour Contest Mode period in Crota’s End will have the quest automatically marked as complete and all rewards placed in their inventory immediately.

The quest does not require any currencies to purchase it.

Rewards will include Husk of the Pit, Eidolon Ally (fully Masterworked), and Necrochasm.

Players will notice they can acquire Essence of the Oversoul from completing raid encounters and Triumphs. This is required to complete the Bottomless Pit quest if they don’t finish within the Contest Mode as well as to complete the weapon catalyst’s objective for Necrochasm.

During the Contest Mode period, players who obtain the weapon catalyst will not be able to progress the objective on it, and it will statically show the objective progress at 20/35 Essence of Oversouls collected, regardless if they collect additional Essences.

After Contest Mode ends, all Essence of Oversoul that the player has acquired thus far will still be respected and the player may begin making progress on the catalyst objective, continuing from the number they previously acquired.

Players that acquire the Bottomless Pit quest after the 48-hour Contest Mode will have to complete the quest starting from the beginning to obtain the quest rewards.


We can’t forget about the loot, right? We’ve got quite the set of Bungie Rewards, and personally, I cannot wait to get my hands on that ring. (Heh, get it? Hands, ring… )  

The following Bungie Rewards are only available to players who complete the requirements within Destiny 2 by the deadlines listed below.

Crota’s End Raid Ring – Complete the Crota’s End raid by 9:59 AM PT on September 12, 2023.  

Crota’s End Raid Pin – Complete the Crota’s End raid by 9:59 AM PT on November 28, 2023.

Crota’s End Metal Poster by Displate – Complete the Crota’s End raid by 9:59 AM PT on November 28, 2023.  

Swordbearer Title Pin – Earn the Swordbearer title by 9:59 AM PT on February 26, 2024.  

And of course, a raid isn’t a raid without a raid belt, right? Here is the silvery new raid belt for the Destiny 2 version of Crota’s End.


We’re partnering with Twitch Rivals for the main event, kicking off at 9:30 AM PT on September 1! Tune in on Twitch for live coverage of our Crota’s End World First race, featuring returning fan-favorite commentators, Professor BromanReck1568, and Adam Savage who will be covering the action while participating teams from around the globe compete for the belt. From 10 AM PT on September 1 to 10 AM PT on September 3, you will be able to earn the new Every End emblem via Twitch Drops by tuning for two hours on the Twitch Rivals channel or one of the approved participating streamers listed on this page.

This week at bungie

For those looking to attempt Crota’s End during contest mode good luck and everyone else can expect a guide sometime in the near future.

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