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Husband, Father, Gamer. As the man of the house, responsible for the well being of nine lovely children, follow me to watch my journey through fatherhood while maintaining my gamer status. I've been gaming since the Atari days and will probably be gaming well into my later life.

Dark Deity Review – Wasted Effort or Hidden Gem?

Dark Deity may be the hidden gem of the strategy role playing scene in 2021.

Biomutant Mercenary DLC Purchase Date and Price Revealed

Is downloadable content inherently bad? It depends on who you ask really. A universal truth is that locking downloadable content, or DLC, behind retailer specific pre-orders is always frowned upon. So when word got out that the only way to…

The Magnificent Trufflepigs Review – Detecting the Darkness

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is a first-person, romantic, metal-detecting game

Biomutant – Quick Way to Change Fur and Appearance

The ability for players to change fur patterns and colors, was one feature that intrigued us the most when Biomutant was first revealed. Out interest was also peaked by the ability to change the way your character looked by changing…

New TimeSplitters Revival Confirmed After 16 Years

Deep Silver has announced the formation of a new studio with the sole purpose of bringing back the much-loved franchise of the past, to the present.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Team Up with Disney for Tron Costume Collaboration on May 24th

Fall Guys newest costume crossover features the fashionable iconic crew leaving the Game Grid to battle things out in the Blunderdome The Walt Disney Company, is teaming up with Mediatonic to provide your favorite jelly bean the ability to dress…

Biomutant FAQ Provides 48 Eye-Opening Answers Pleasing Fans

Today THQ Nordic posted a forty-eight question FAQ regarding Experiment 101’s debut game. With Biomutant being just six days from release, fans have been clamoring with questions and it seems that the folks over at THQ Nordic has heard their…