PS5 Firmware Beta Adds 1440p Support, Gamelists and More 2

PS5 Firmware Beta Adds 1440p Support, Gamelists and More

Sony announced the latest PlayStation 5 beta firmware, which contains a number of exciting additions to the console.

One of the biggest is finally adding 1440p support, perfect for those with monitors. Before players get too excited, Sony notes that, at this time, VRR is only supported on 1080p and 4K outputs. This might change over time, but any small step is progress.

In addition to 1440p support, players can now create gamelists. These act as folders in your game library to find certain games with ease. The feature will support up to 15 total lists and up to 100 games can be added to any given list. Sony notes this listing does work with digital, streaming and disc titles, along with being able to list the same game in multiple lists.

Those unsure about 3D surround sound or stereo will have an easier time hearing the difference and making a choice with this update as well. The same page will offer a sample of each to determine your preferred hearing method.

The remaining updates are more quality of life additions and include a special area for new friends, stickers/voice messages can be sent by game base, the ability to request Share Play and notifications to join a game when you enter someone’s party. This is really useful for games like Destiny 2, where you might make a group off Discord and end up making a PlayStation party.

Unfortunately, no date was given for release, but those with beta access should get an e-mail later today to download it. Sony also notes that while all these features are in the beta, the final version might not include every feature mentioned.

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