How Long Does it Take to Beat Redfall?

With players excited to see what Microsoft’s long-awaited RPG shooter Redfall is like, there are concerns about length. Something like Destiny can be beat in a small amount of time, it’s all the side content that takes hundreds of hours to conquer. Borderlands requires less, but even that story generally takes over 20 hours with plenty of side content to push the number even higher. Since we were able to check out Redfall in advance, we can answer, or at least give insight, on how long it takes to beat.

How Long Does it Take to Beat Redfall?

Since this is an RPG and there is tons of optional tasks to complete, the answer hinges on how you approach it. I did some light exploring, occasional AFKing, and my in-game time was just under 16 hours on normal (Dusk). If I remove the AFK time, and was even more focused on main missions I think 10 hours is entirely possible.

While this number is likely under what many expect, there are some good and bad things to keep in mind.

After finishing the campaign on any difficulty you unlock a new difficulty called Eclipse. It’s a noticeable increase in challenge, though it hinges on whether you want to bother or not. That being said, once you beat the game you immediately roll into New Game+ and start at the beginning of Redfall. This is perfect for someone who missed an early collectible, or wants to push their character to the limit. Just keep it in mind before beating the final boss.

There were also a small handful of optional missions to complete, I’d wager there are around 20 I noticed that I never attempted. Based off the optional quests I did these probably aren’t overly exciting, just fetch or kill quests that was completed in five or less minutes, but still something to do.

In addition to this, I was missing a substantial amount of collectibles. Of the 100 Grave Locks I found 14. Most of these were from when I was exploring every optional path at the start, so I’d estimate a fair number were just alternate paths I opted out of, or buildings I never entered.

Among the other optional content are outfits. Some of these I found randomly exploring, others are tied to specific tasks, giving players a lot of extra things to find. There are also other characters to explore who give slightly different dialogue based off the situation.

With all the optional content you can easily hit 100 or more hours, it just depends how much time you want to invest in the world of Redfall. Unfortunately, unless it’s well hidden, found in New Game+, or requires specific multiplayer conditions, there is not any meaningful content to work towards. It’s just the same experience with bigger numbers, or different powers.

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