Destiny 2 Among Us Emblem Unlock Guide

Earlier Bungie and InnerSloth had a collaboration, with one of the items waiting to be revealed is the Destiny 2 emblem, Airlock Invitation. This was until both companies Twitter accounts have teased different clues for the emblem

This morse code message translate to HN3, which seems to be the first part of the code.

Shortly after Among Us replied with another morse code message for 7K9.

It wasn’t until This Week at Bungie was the final part revealed in morse code at the very end. For this code you get 93G, to form the full code of HN3-7K9-93G.

Take the code and head to Bungie’s Redeem page where you can input it for the emblem.

Once unlocked, head to your Collection, Flare, and it will be listed under General. Equipping it will give a final morse code message, .- — — –. ..- …, which translates to Amog Us.

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