How to Get Past the Red Mist in Redfall 1

How to Get Past the Red Mist in Redfall

Every time you venture out in the world of Redfall there will be different challenges to overcome. Some of the most deadly and annoying is the red mist. In fact, the enemies are literally called Death Mist Spewers, which begs the question of how do you overcome these challenges? Well, you can heal through the pain, but there is actually a trick to get past these enemies.

How to Get Past the Red Mist in Redfall

If you’re anything like me you noticed there will be an enemy in the middle of the mist, and tried attacking it with various tools. They’re seemingly immune to stakes, unlike every other vampire in Redfall, along with taking no damage from anything be it a sniper, assault rifle, or even your Hero Abilities. Instead, the trick is a lot simpler, but easy to overlook.

There are certain weapons known as portable UV beams that can be used to petrify vampires. When focused, they can be used to disable the Death Mist Spewers. Please note, range does matter, but once you’re close enough they’ll turn to stone in a couple seconds.

After turning to stone you can walk past the mist, or smack them remove the mist outright and earn an achievement. This is a neat little trick that Redfall doesn’t make perfectly clear, and further makes the UV beam an invaluable resource.

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