How to Easily Kill Any Vampire in Redfall 1

How to Easily Kill Any Vampire in Redfall

Redfall has a lot of vampires that are simply a pain to deal with. Rooks can completely devastate an area, I never did figure out how to dodge Angler’s grab, Siphon can kill you in seconds, with Shrouds being a whole set of annoyances as well. While they can, and often will, result in your death, there is a combo that completely overwhelms these enemies.

How to Easily Kill Any Vampire in Redfall

While I haven’t tested this combo on higher difficulties, with various player configurations, and other settings, I still believe it is the best tactic in the game. So much so you can kill a Rook in seconds on normal solo.

First you need a portable UV beam weapon. Obviously the stronger the better, though even a weak one will work, it just takes a lot longer. What you want to do with this is shoot the annoying enemy with the beam to petrify them. With an appropriately leveled one it shouldn’t take more than a couple seconds.

Next you want to have a stake launcher. Power is extremely important for this weapon, so make sure to constantly switch to your most powerful version, or purchase more powerful versions you come across.

The idea behind the tactic is really simple. Start by petrifying them with the UV beam gun. Like I said, shouldn’t take more than a couple seconds. Once they’re frozen you have a couple seconds to deal damage. In one of my embarrassing video moments it’s just long enough to load a stake launcher and fire blindly, which puts them at about four seconds.

When paired with the stake launcher, and aiming for a critical blow, it does an absurd amount of damage. Every Underboss and Rook I tried this one was destroyed in a single stake. It’s seriously that powerful.

That said, I would not suggest it for normal vampires. They should die from a single stake outright, with it often better to use another weapon with bonus health from stakes to stay alive.

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