How to Defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P 43534

How to Defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

Going into this fight you can tell the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is going to be rough. With up to four enemies, a single foe that is fast with a large weapon, and limited options it doesn’t take much to lose. Still, there is more to this boss in Lies of P and with the right tactic you can get past him without too many issues.

How to Defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

Suggested Build

For your basic build you’ll want Life Amulet, Workshop Union Strengthening Frame, Belford Superior Corrosion Resistance Converter, and Belford Shock Cartridge. Talking to Pulcinella in the Hotel and purchasing Workshop Union Fiber-Reinforcement Liner helps as well. However, any of them have value since each family member focuses on a different type. I also added a Flame Grindstone since these are humans and weak to flame based attacks.

Legion Arm isn’t overly important, though if you’re on the fence the best options is Puppet String. All the family members besides the Eldest can be grabbed with it. The only downside is they immediately dodge after being pulled. Flamberge also works, it just isn’t worth relying on in a pinch.

The other Amulet should be one of the boss Amulets, Carrier’s Amulet, or Patience Amulet. This choice comes down to your own needs and play style. It also helps to feel out what, if anything, works best for you.

Weapon is a battle of what you find easiest. I personally used Puppet’s Saber Blade and Fire Axe Handle exclusively, I also had some luck with Holy Sword of the Ark, which is one of the boss weapons you can purchase.

If you go the Holy Sword of the Ark route there are a couple things to remember. While it has significant damage reduction and high attack, the durability is terrible. It’s almost half as much as the saber, which I had to sharpen at least once during this fight. Unless you block less, it might require two or three sharpens to win. It’s also terrible for fighting everyone else in the family. You’d ideally have another blade to fight them, though that is at least 16 additional pounds of weight. Still, worth trying if you’re stuck.

Defeating Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Similar to the last fight, I suggest immediately using the Flame Grindstone and trying to bring his health to roughly 70 percent. With enough aggression this can actually happen before he does more than two attacks, you just need to be all in on damage.

Doing this will cause another Black Rabbit member to attack. The girl isn’t too bad, unless you’re using a slow weapon. She is fast, easily stun locked if she is in a corner, and best handled by waiting for a clear opening. Usually a jump will give you a free hit or two. At roughly 10 percent health she will disappear. This is true for all family members and they do not return later in this fight.

Use this brief period to heal, possibly sharpen your blade, and when you’re ready bring his health down to about 60 percent. This will summon the spear brother, who is really easy if you’re extremely aggressive. Like the girl he can be stun locked, but unlike her his weapon can’t attack fast enough to counter your assault. What you need to do is pay attention to the brother, attack often, and only relent when the Eldest attacks.

How to Defeat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P 43534

If done correctly you can regroup for the next phase. Once everything is in place, bring the Eldest down to 50 percent or so to summon the sword brother. He is something of a cross between the other two. He isn’t good with frequent attacks, though he has Puppet Sting to bring you close for unexpected damage.

Making it to the last phase is both the easiest and hardest part of the fight. No family members will appear to distract you, nor will Eldest gain any additional moves, you just need to win with whatever resources you have. My advice is to play it extremely safe. Keep your range, only attack when it’s absolutely safe and keep attacks to a minimum. It’s a boring play style, though it works extremely well since Eldest has a lot of hard stops.

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