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How to Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P

Realistically, Fallen Archbishop Andreus is an easy boss, it just goes on for quite a while. Being the first boss to introduce a second phase, along with that second phase being pretty annoying, makes it more of an endurance test. Thankfully, this can be mitigated slightly, though a lot of this fight will hinge on your ability to understand his rotations.

Suggested Build

Before starting this fight you’re going to want the Life Amulet, Workshop Union Strengthening Frame, Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter, and Belford Shock Cartridge. If you haven’t obtained it yet, also buy Workshop Union Spaced Armor Liner from Pulcinella in the Hotel. The damage increase isn’t much, but every little bit helps.

For the remaining amulet it’s going to come down to your build. I personally went with Carrier’s Amulet, removed my secondary weapon and was now normal weight. If that a benefit for you, Swordsmanship Master’s Amulet is also useful. At this point you can also meet Alidoro the Treasure Hunter. He can be found in the room where the powerful enemy is just before the boss. Simply take the elevator up and he will let you buy special weapons/amulets. Extreme Modification Amulet, or Conquering Amulet are also solid choices.

I stuck with the Puppet’s Saber Blade and Fire Axe Handle combo. If you lack either of these the saber can be purchased from the first vender and the axe is at the end of the rolling balls of fire section in chapter three. I personally upgraded it as well, though it isn’t an absolute must.

In my opinion none of the Legion Arms are worth using. Flamberge is the most useful, it just takes too long to be practical. Instead, I opted to use the Flame Grindstone and use that as a way to deal fire damage.

Finally, it’s possible to have three P-Organ upgrades at this point. I personally used the third to unlock another healing item, but Rising Dodge and Add Amulet Slot are both really useful. To get the last upgrade needed you need to unlock the cipher. I believe this was a hidden room in the first toxic water room towards the start of this section. There you’ll find a secret room with it. Simply decode it, hit the hung puppet by where you fight Mad Donkey with a gear, go to the house located by the previous checkpoint (you can just take the elevator up and be right by it) and you’ll find it in a safe. Worth doing if you’re struggling or just want all the advantages you can get.

Defeating Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Fallen Archbishop Andreus (Phase One)

I found the simplest way to deal with How to Fallen Archbishop Andreus is to get to the second phase quickly. For this reason I would use the Flame Grindstone before entering his arena and attack as often as I can. If you’re confident in your ability to use that during the second phase it’s better to save, it’s just easiest done at this point.

Typically he will do a combo before you’re able to attack. Block his attacks until it’s safe, followed by hitting him as many times as safe (usually four). Do the same for his second set, which should set him on fire. At this point you’ll also likely stun him for a moment. Take as many hits as you can trying to burn his health. It also helps to use your Storm Slash Fable Arts as soon as it’s safe.

If you’re lucky, around the 40 percent mark I typically got the Fatal Attack. Do that, try to finish him off and do not heal, even if you need it, if you can potentially push him. This is because it’s completely safe at the start of the next phase and you’re more likely to burn a healing item than make it out okay.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus (Phase Two)

At this point Fallen Archbishop Andreus will change to reveal the snake woman. She is by a wide margin harder to fight, so I suggest avoiding contact if possible. It seems to be luck/position that determines when they swap. Do everything you can to avoid dealing with her to fight the previous boss.

When they swap the fight will basically be exactly the same as before until they get to 50 percent health. My suggestion is to play it safe, possibly burn your healing to generate another from attacks, and repeat the previous fight.

When they get to 50 percent or so two new attacks occur. One is a rushing attack that can be annoying to deal with and a laser beam. I saw the beam far more often, which has a rather annoying timing. Basically, you want to stand under them, let the beam happen, run out the side where the beam happen and dodge roll away. If done correctly you’ll avoid her slam from behind and come out unscathed.

Your goal for this section is to either get the Fatal Attack for a win, or generate your Fable Art to do Storm Slash for the win. Or, if nothing else, use those to earn a healing item to survive a little longer.

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