How to Defeat Dong Zhuo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 4

How to Defeat Dong Zhuo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Dong Zhuo is easily the hardest Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty boss thus far. It isn’t just his long reach, or small arena, he has a mechanic that makes him incredibly frustrating to fight. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cheese to beat it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to mitigate it.

How to Defeat Dong Zhuo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

This is another fight where being morale level 25 makes a substantial difference. With so many enemies surrounding the area, it should be relatively easy to reach the cap.

For Divine Beasts you want Zhuque or Qinglong. Qinglong works better if you opt for companions, which help a lot, with Zhuque being the better choice if you want to maximize damage.

Using gear that maximizes spirit gain can also have a substantial impact on this encounter.

Finally, the dragon cure pot upgrade is fairly well hidden on this map. In the bamboo forest you should see a building towards the middle with a large bald guy defending it. If you go down that path until the end and jump over the edge to the left, you’ll find the item hidden on the ground.

Defeating Dong Zhuo

Before getting into specifics, it’s important to understand why this fight is so difficult. Unlike most enemies, Dong Zhuo gains a ton of spirit from his attacks. Getting hit two or three times is enough to lose all the progress you get from deflecting a critical hit. If you let him get enough hits in, you might not even get progress as he will be far into the blue gauge.

Another aspect that makes this fight rough is his range. He can be unrelenting, at times even oppressive, so you need to know when to engage, and when not to engage.

Unless you try to maximize efficiency with companions, which can be a mixed bag due to how it makes him unpredictable, the best tactic is to keep your distance. He will throw knives at you, which will deal damage if you block. As he gets lower in health the amount of knives he throws in succession will increase. Your goal is to get him to do one of his critical hits.

How to Defeat Dong Zhuo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2

Deflecting it will give you sizable progress towards stunning him. Now, there are two ways to approach the next part. You can either go crazy attacking him, or disengage. The issue relates to his attack pattern. While not common, it isn’t unusual to do multiple critical hits in a row. This is perfect if you can maintain your momentum, though failing to deflect them will put you in a bad spot.

After two hits you probably won’t stun him, but you should just recklessly attack to get the critical hit. Losing any momentum will make the fight a lot harder, with the reward for stunning him well worth the investment.

Keeping this up two or three times should be enough to win the fight. If you’re ever unsure on what to do, keep your distance and wait for him to attack. This isn’t a fight you win through aggression, but rather patience.

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