Sineaptic Announces SE-1 the World's First Ribbon Array Self-Amplified Headset 34534

Sineaptic Announces SE-1 the World’s First Ribbon Array Self-Amplified Headset

Sineaptic announces their first headset, SE-1, which is said to be the world’s first ribbon array self-amplified headset on the market.

The ribbon array drivers are described by Sineaptic as offering broad sound, rich dynamics, and unmatched tune.

Precise FrequencyThe advantage of a ribbon driver is that the ribbon has very little mass; thus, it can accelerate very quickly, yielding a very good high-frequency response. (Wikipedia)

Broad Sound, Rich DynamicsA multi-array ribbon driver increases the sounding area, which broadens the frequency range, deepens the sound stage, and improves sound reproduction. 

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Powerful Drive for Detailed SoundRibbon driver arrays require a higher current. This high-powered approach yields a detailed sound quality reminiscent of an ultra-high-definition display. 

Unmatched Tune AccuracyThe ribbon driver’s unique sound mechanism stands apart from traditional coil speakers. It resonates more like a string instrument compared to the horn-like coil, ensuring every note is 

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In addition to the ribbon diver technology, SE-1 boasts an open-back design, 13 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.2, dual device support, built-in DAC, all in a package that weighs under a pound. Along with the headset, retail copies include a carrying case, leather and fabric ear pads, USB-C charging cable, and 3.5mm cable.

Those interested can currently purchase SE-1 from Sineaptic for $199. For anyone still on the fence, make sure to check back shortly for our full review of this fascinating headset.

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