How to Defeat Taotie in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2

How to Defeat Taotie in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

After another really tedious Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stage, there is a rather unusual boss. Taotie is a combination of the various creatures thus far, in a horribly large, and deformed body. Before you worry too much, this is a boss that looks harder than it actually is.

How to Defeat Taotie in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

There really isn’t much to plan for with Taotie. Getting high morale helps, as does faster weapons, though this fight really comes down to not being overly aggressive.

Defeating Taotie Phase One

Despite the massive size, Taotie moves extremely slow. You’ll do little to no damage to the boss, outside of landing a critical hit.

The best way to do this is to mindlessly attack until it starts to fight back. Disengage, wait for the shockwave, and then continue. I do not suggest deflecting its attacks, as the fight is easy enough, and they’re really hard to get the positioning/timing right on.

After landing your first critical hit, a bunch of parts will fall off Taotie. Even though it looks different, the core tactic is exactly the same. When the boss is stunned you’ll need to land a critical hit again. The eye is located on its back, which you need to climb onto Shadow of the Colossus style. You have a fair amount of time to find the path, but if you’re struggling you go behind it, jump on the red limb, walk to the leg, climb up it, and then stab the eye pictured above.

Defeating Taotie Phase Two

In this form Taotie will have different attacks. It’s essentially the same, just with more places to damage it. This is one fight where you don’t want to be overly aggressive, as a well timed charge can defeat you in a second.

When you stun it you’ll need to jump on its tongue and stab the eye directly in front. This will end the fight, and kill Taotie.

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