How to Defeat Sun Ce in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 1

How to Defeat Sun Ce in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Optional missions can be rather hit, or miss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Some involve exploring locations, with others being a boss battle. Like Father, Like Son doubles down on this concept by asking players to defeat two bosses. They are not incredibly difficult, though it’s the type of fight where bad luck can make the whole experience a drag.

How to Defeat Sun Ce in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

Since this stage immediately starts with the boss fight, just make sure you have something that increases spirit damage to punish excessive blocking.

Defeating Sun Ce and Sun Jian

First and foremost, keep as far away from Sun Jian as you can. Hitting him will immediately result in him joining the fight, which makes things harder than they need to be.

With enough spirit power you can actually overwhelm Sun Ce as he blocks your onslaught. This is good, since each critical hit will lower his morale.

At 50 percent health Sun Jian will join the fight. They will both come at you, typically having one attack as the other is getting ready to land a critical blow/buff. Your best bet is to focus on Sun Ce, limiting yourself to attacks that don’t increase your spirit. Excessive magic/martial arts will likely result in one of them stunning you, making the fight harder than it needs to be.

The best advice I can give is to set the camera on an angle that has both of them, trying to force Sun Ce to block as much as possible. This will limit the potential attacks to Sun Jian, who will commonly opt for critical hits you can deflect for time to damage Sun Ce. In the event you break Sun Jian, ignore him and just focus on Sun Ce. When he dies the fight is basically over, as Sun Jian will go down like Sun Ce at the start of the fight.

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