How to Defeat Mutated Odur in Thymesia 21

How to Defeat Mutated Odur in Thymesia

Given Odur can be rather challenging, it’s only fitting Mutated Odur is likely going to be a tricky boss for many. While he isn’t the hardest boss in Thymesia, he has a lot of attacks that hit far and often. This can make him a pain to deal with, though with the right tactic he is pretty doable, even at a low skill level.

How to Defeat Mutated Odur in Thymesia

General Tips

There are four tips that are always good to remember in Thymesia. The first is that Talents can be freely reset or single choices can be unlearned to change your build on the fly. This makes some of the bosses a lot easier or just getting past certain bothersome enemies. Another is that weapon shards increase Plague Weapon power, making them useful if you want to rely on them.

In the item menu under general there are items called Collection of Memories. These start at level one and give 100 memory shards per use, with the level two version giving 500. These are great for leveling fast or quickly gaining access to another skill or ability without risking your life for shards.

Finally, I want to touch on potions, as this is something that impacts all aspects of Thymesia. I personally beat everything with the General Potion, but there are use cases for the other two. These are subjective, but the order you upgrade potions is not. I would say quantity is the most important category, followed by recovery and then crafting. The only thing to keep in mind is total health. If the potion heals more than your current HP or when you’ll likely use it, consider getting the craft upgrades.

As for crafting, these use random drops that have various effects. These ingredients are permanent, meaning there is no risk in using them in a potion or just picking certain useful effects. I personally found Black Pepper, Garlic and Basil, which gives Warming Up (damage increased by 10 percent) the most useful, but there is a case that can be made for each of them.

Set Up

Since Mutated Odur is so active, it helps to have your Plague Weapon be Bow and Blood Storm. If you lack the Bow, I strongly suggest farming kills and at least unlocking the extended action before going any further.

As for Talents, you want either Reckless Deflect or if you’re good at deflecting, Precise Deflect, to punish Mutated Odur when he rushes. Along with those, it helps to invest heavily in Feathers. Full Winged, Growing Feathers, Energized Feather and something like Feather Dart help a lot. It also helps to have Plague Wounds, Engerised Feathers and Long Claw.

How to Defeat Mutated Odur in Thymesia 22

Fighting Mutated Odur

What makes this fight difficult is Mutated Odur is generally very aggressive and has long reach. For this reason, play defensively until he does something that keeps him in one place for an extended period of time. This could be the shockwave skill, the tentacle combo, forward blast or anything along these lines. When Mutated Odur does this, shoot him with the Bow as many times as you safely can. This should do rather substantial damage him to, which then needs a Claw strike to make the most of.

Generally, after these moves he will jump towards you, so dodge that and punish with the claw. Repeat this process until he finally dies. In the event you’re unsure if he is safe to attack or see him regenerating health, throw a Feather at him to reset the heal timer. This is a great trick to maintain damage, without getting reckless.

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