How to Quickly Earn Platinum Medals During Destiny 2's 2023 Guardian Games 1

How to Quickly Earn Platinum Medals During Destiny 2’s 2023 Guardian Games

Today marks the start of Destiny 2‘s annual Guardian Games, and with it comes new challenges to overcome. During this time players select their favorite class, complete bounties, earn medals that can be redeemed for prizes, and potentially bragging rights for the year.

Those looking for the most points need to complete specific bounties that give platinum medals. Most of these are related to harder tasks like raids, or higher tier strikes, but there one bounty that is a lot easier than the rest.

How to Quickly Earn Platinum Medals During Destiny 2’s 2023 Guardian Games

Start by heading to the tower, talking to Eva, and selecting the Platinum Cards – Neptune bounty.

To finish this bounty you can do high-difficulty Lost Sectors, Partitions, Guardian Games activities, or Lightfall campaign missions on Legendary difficulty.

Out of these activities, you’ll want to select the Breakneck Legendary campaign mission. If you haven’t unlocked it, that is only the fourth mission, so it shouldn’t take much effort to get there.

What you need to do is get past the first area. This is not a Darkness zone, ignore enemies outside the building, and try to clear out the inside. After enough time you’ll gain access to the next area. At the end you’ll find a door with a free banner on the other side. Those familiar with popular grinding spots will recognize this as the new place to level crafted weapons, catalysts, and more.

All you need to do is enter the area, kill enemies until you reach the large room in the middle, and die. On average I was getting 35 kills (23 percent with the bonus type of damage; 12 percent without), per 45 seconds. It will go slightly faster if you don’t need the Rally Banner, though the choice is entirely yours.

After five, or four if you get a bit further in the last room, you’ll be done and get your medal. All things considered, you should net roughly one medal per five to six minutes. Not only that, you can use this time to level gear, as crafted gear gets a boost during this event, or focus on some annoying catalysts. One of the most annoying to do, Graviton Lance, makes it extremely easy to rack up void kills.

The best thing about this method is opening that door counts as a checkpoint. After this you’ll spawn in the room pictured below.

Just jump up, get the Strand power, swing to the other side, and repeat. This checkpoint will also persist until you reset it, progress further, or do something else to disrupt it. Provided you don’t mess with missions outside of Guardian Games, doing it once is enough for the whole event.

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