How to Complete Destiny 2: Lightfall on Legendary Difficulty 111

How to Complete Destiny 2: Lightfall on Legendary Difficulty

Now that Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, is available for all players, people want to finish everything it has to offer to obtain the latest and greatest loot. Among the most important is finishing the campaign on Legendary difficulty. Given Bungie recently changed a number of systems, including difficulty, there are some concerns about finishing the mode. Having overcome the challenges Calus has set for us, we wanted to make a brief guide to make the mode a lot easier.

How to Complete Destiny 2: Lightfall on Legendary Difficulty

Why Should You Do it?

Before getting into how, it’s important to understand why. Even if you’re not a fan of difficult content, Destiny 2: Lightfall offers some big things for finishing the campaign and doing it on Legendary. Not to mention this being the method to unlock Strand.

In addition to gaining access to higher tier content, exotic quests and all the usual things, Destiny 2: Lightfall gives immediate access to one of the two new exotics. Despite not being unusual, these exotics have 67 rolls, making them extremely useful for even the best players.

Those who complete Lightfall on the highest difficulty gain instant access to 1,770 gear. This is extremely important for anyone trying to get raid ready, or just wants to finish higher tier tasks. Legendary also gives a rather underwhelming emblem.

How Hard is It?

It’s hard to quantify difficulty without considering changes in meta, builds, approach, and even external things like quality of teammates. Having finished it twice I will say it gave me far less problems than Witch Queen, or even soloing Vexcalibur. Even with three people, which is historically the hardest, it was a breeze.

A lot of what makes it easy is the tutorial setting. Instead of making this an attack on Calus/The Witness, players are given multiple chances to experience Strand before unlocking it.

Important Progression Tip

Unlike other Destiny 2 content, you can play Lightfall‘s campaign however you want. This might not sound like a negative, though it introduces the potential to fall behind.

Joining with someone who doesn’t let you speak to Nimbus, or missing a step will result in you falling behind. This won’t prevent you from unlocking the emblem, possibly even the 1,770 gear, though it’s important to keep this in mind. Verify every step, make sure you complete it, and confirm everything is accurately being tracked.

Finishing Lightfall

Unsurprisingly, the campaign doesn’t require any real tactics to overcome. Despite this, there are some secrets that can make things a lot easier.

One of the biggest is most sections don’t require Strand use. Someone needs to activate it to progress forward, but in most cases it can be ignored. This is big because these sections are a lot easier with other builds. It also helps because you won’t randomly lose power during certain sections. Really good to do if you’re struggling.

Stasis is extremely powerful against annoying foes. With enough power you can freeze lock Tormentors, and other really powerful enemies. It’s extremely useful if you want to get ahead without doing anything too cheesy.

Void, and Strand shields are the most common. Building around these two types will give you a massive advantage, especially if you swap your mods accordingly.

Fighting Calus

Even though most sections are fighting normal enemies with a lot of health with some minor mechanic, Emperor Calus can be rather rough. However, some really inventive Guardians came up with a tactic that brings his difficulty to near zero.

The area pictured above is where the encounter starts. What you want to do is jump on the pipe under the stairs, crouch, and hang out under there. The opening is large enough to damage Calus, but not large enough for him to damage you. You’re essentially invincible and as long as you keep dealing damage he will die.

That being said, there will be a second phase where he runs around. His health is a lot lower, so when you finish him the first time get ready to burn him as quickly as possible. If you lose on your first attempt, change to something like rockets to make it a lot easier. Killing the Tormentors also helps a lot.

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