HyperX Announces Coco the Cozy Cat Collectible Keycap as Their First HX3D Product 1

HyperX Announces Coco the Cozy Cat Collectible Keycap as Their First HX3D Product

HyperX announced their first HX3D program product, a limited-edition keycap affectionately named Coco the Cozy Cat.

If you missed the HyperX’s reveal of the HX3D line, you can find the official explanation below.

HyperX HX3D is an exciting new program bringing gamers a range of ways to customize and personalize their favorite gaming gear by leveraging HP’s best-in-class 3D printing technology. The first planned series of 3D printed peripheral upgrades are limited edition custom keycaps,1 designed to fit on HyperX and most other mechanical keyboards. These will be available to consumers over the coming months. “Coco” is the first of many planned HX3D products to personalize keyboards, headsets, mice, and other gaming products.

At CES 2023, HyperX showcased “Coco” as the first limited edition custom keycap designed by HyperX, and voted on by its gaming community. Manufactured using nylon powder and printed on HP Inc. 3D printers, the new HX3D initiative is part of the growing cooperation with HP Inc.

Press Release

Coco the Cozy Cat will support a standard MX connection, meaning it can be used on any HyperX keyboard, or product with that connection. It will be available starting Jan. 26 at 9 a.m. EDT, and will be available for 48 hours, or until supplies run out for $19.99.

A special trailer was also released to showcase potential HX3D products. These include some fun ideas, like a keycap inspired by HyperX’s Touch Grass April Fools’ Day joke, one that looks similar to the collab they had with Ducky, and several other eye catching designs.

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