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How to Defeat Owl Doctor in Lies of P

Owl Doctor is another optional boss you can find in Lies of P. He is located in a small shack in chapter eight, but like most human bosses he can seriously fight. However, with the right plan and a good idea of the fundamentals, he isn’t too bad to defeat.

How to Defeat Owl Doctor in Lies of P

Do You Need to Fight Him?

As far as I’m aware Owl Doctor is an optional fight. Killing him will give the Owl Doctor Mask, which matches the Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel you can find elsewhere.

Set Up

All you need for this fight is a quick weapon. It helps to has slash resistance, stamina recovery and other benefits, but overall victory just comes down to beating his rotation.

Defeating Owl Doctor

Similar to some of the main bosses, Owl Doctor has a lot of hard stops in his rotations. These are typically slam attacks, though sometimes he will do a quick slash before stopping. The best way to defeat him is to wait for his combo to end and punish.

Unfortunately, outside of that, he is incredibly difficult to stun, stagger, or push back. Even if you manage to make it happen you’ll only have a moment to best him. Often times he will retaliate with his own attack, so I would just stick to punishing slams.

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