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How to Defeat Robber Weasel in Lies of P

Robber Weasel, like all the human characters, is more annoying than actually difficult in Lies of P. He has a very simple attack pattern that is only hard because he avoids a lot of attacks. It’s so bad it’s often not worth using more complicated moves since you’ll just miss anyway. Still, if you’re struggling we wanted to write a quick guide to make it easier.

How to Defeat Robber Weasel in Lies of P

Suggested Build

For this fight I just suggest a greatsword and Aegis. It helps to have slash resistance, something that makes your attack hit faster, but the fight is more rotation than anything.

Defeating Robber Weasel

The easiest way to defeat Robber Weasel is to use Aegis to block their attacks, followed by slashing them behind your shield. Every hit with the Bone-Cutting Sawblade and Fire Axe Handle combo I like to use would interrupt his attacks. This means you just need to attack as often as possible until he leaves.

Typically at range he will throw a dagger at you, followed by a leap. As long as you anticipate this you can usually punish. I do not suggest using Fable Arts or a charged heavy unless you’re absolutely certain it will hit in the window given. If not you’ll usually get punished by taking a two or three otherwise avoidable attacks.

If you want to be cheesy, getting him caught in a corner will do devastating damage. I don’t suggest pushing for it, just if you see it happen make the most of it.

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