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Wanted: Dead Skills Guide

Hannah Stone has her work cut out for her in Wanted: Dead, a fast-paced action-oriented bloodbath sporting a variety of flashy killing devices. In order to survive the several-hour onslaught of blades and bullets, Stone will need to enhance her skills to further augment her murderous efficiency. Fortunately, Stone can do just that thanks to the in-game skill tree.

There are three skill trees — Offense, Defense and Utility — each bolstering a specific component of gameplay. As you might have guessed, investment in Offense amplifies Stone’s damage and general combat abilities; Defense makes Stone harder to kill; and Utility focuses on explosive damage and team synergy. The latter of those Utility components will specifically improve companions Cortez, Herzog and Doc by creating new opportunities in combat.

Look over Stone’s list of available skills below and start organizing your skill unlock priority in Wanted: Dead.

Note: The inputs provided below correlate to an Xbox controller.

Wanted: Dead Skills Guide


Bullet Time: Press LS + RS when Adrenaline Gauge is full to activate. Fires powerful shots to surrounding enemies.

Dash Attack: Press X while sprinting to perform a dash attack.

Charge Attack: Hold X to perform charge attack.

Parry Follow-up: Press X after a Parry to perform a follow-up attack.

Standard Combo Extension: Extra attack added to the standard katana combo.

Sliding Attack: Press X during slide for a sliding upwards katana attack.

Severed Leg Finishing Strike: Guaranteed Finishing Strike Y + B for a sliding upwards katana attack.

Handgun Counter Follow-up: Press X after a Handgun Counter to perform a follow-up attack.

Severed Arm Finishing Strike: Guaranteed Finishing Strike Y + B on enemies with severed arms.

Handgun Combo Extension: Extra attack added to the handgun katana combo.

Melee Adrenaline Rate Up: Adrenaline Gauge gained from melee attacks increases by 15%.

Reduced Charge: Reduces charge time for Charge Attack by 40%.

Parry Adrenaline Rate Up: Adrenaline Gauge gained from parrying attacks increases by 30%.

Melee Damage Up: Increases the power of melee attacks by 15%.


Extended Dodge: Press A during dodge step to perform a dodge roll.

Guard Strength Increase: Can maintain guard against one enemy attack before guard breaks.

Armor Reinforced: Improves armor, reducing damage taken.

Power Parry: Able to parry unguardable melee attacks.

Increased Melee Defense: Reduces damage from melee attacks by 15%.

Stimpack +1: Increases max number of stimpacks by 1.

Parry Window Increase: Increases the parry window when guarding by double.

Evade Window Increase: Increases invulnerability window during invasion by triple.

Stimpack Recovery Up: Increases amount of HP recovered from stimpacks by 60%.


Grenade: Press RB to ready a grenade. Release RB to throw. Can switch to close-range lob with Y.

Incendiary Grenade: While holding a grenade with RB, press Left D-pad or Right D-pad to switch grenade types.

Cortez Sleeper Hold: Cortez grabs the enemy and can be followed by a Finishing Strike.

Quick Reload: Increases reload speed by 50%.

Herzog Headshot: Herzog has a chance to execute a headshot during his Buddy Assist.

Bullet Time Aim: Press RS while aiming to activate slow-mo. Adrenaline gauge will drain while active.

Grenade +2: Increases max number of grenades by 2.

Doc Revive Overdrive: In addition to Doc’s revival when HP reaches 0, Adrenaline Gauge becomes Max and you receive an extra Stimpack.

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