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Where to Find Every Chip in Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

In Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider, players need to explore the world and locate various collectibles called chips. Each of these offer some kind of modification, making them invaluable for later runs. Since these are fairly well hidden, have a massive benefit to players, and unlocks the trophy Chip Finder, we wanted to make a brief guide to simplify the process.

Basic Information

There really isn’t much to know about these collectibles going into Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. Outside of Bioweapon Lab, stages can be done in any order you want, though we suggest using the order presented in the guide below. This isn’t to say you can’t do them in a different order, it’s just the initial stages offer benefits that help on later stages.

Beyond that, we can confirm collecting a chip saves the game. This means you do not need to finish a section without dying, an extremely important tip given some of these are not fun to obtain. Levels can also be replayed, making them easier to obtain with things like Acrobat. That being said, this guide includes every method to obtain these chips without Acrobat.

Finally, for those who prefer a video guide, we included one at the end of this guide.

Where to Find Every Chip in Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

Armor Chip

Unlike every other chip, you obtain the armor chip by losing all your lives and getting to the continue screen.

Bioweapon Lab

MP Regen Chip

Towards the end of the level you’ll arrive at the point pictured above. Here you can go either north, or south, to get to the next section. While the bottom path is much easier, the north path will end with the stage’s only chip. To get it, simply move forward until you see this platform. There will be a damaged wall, which you can break with a special attack to obtain the MP regen chip.

Lost Ruins

Acrobat Chip

Unlike most other chips, you’ll likely get this one without even trying. It starts with the path pictured above.

While there are two paths, the left one takes you to a one up, with the right path, if followed fully, will take you to the chip on the upper left.

Akujiki Chip

Akujiki is another extremely easy to get chip. It just might be a little confusing, or you might overthink it.

When you get to the gate section you might notice the chip behind a blue gate towards the start. To get it, move forward until you reach the red underwater section. Go down the left path, destroy the blue gate, and then go down the lower right path to open the red gate. Head north, and then north again. Open the yellow gate, progress until you see the red gate, but instead of hitting it, go north yet again. Finally, move completely to the left and the chip will now be obtainable.

Laser Research Base

Glass Cannon Chip

This one is easy, but also easy to mess up. Start by progressing forward until you find a path blocked by eight red boxes. What you want to do is break two of the left boxes, jump up, wall jump off the left side, and get the chip. I personally broke one box on the right side, though it should not be required. You can also equip Acrobat, and ignore the box mechanic entirely.

HP Regen Chip

While this is easily one of the most useful chips, it’s also one of the most annoying to get. Since getting it has a high change of killing you, let’s start by revealing the hidden life location.

Once you defeat the boss and reach the checkpoint, you’ll find a path where a turret is shooting you from the left, and there is a path above. Surprisingly, the upward path is the intended route. However, if you destroy the turret, and jump across the point pictured above, you’ll find multiple boxes, with the top leftmost one having an extra life. This appears on every run, meaning you’ll never decrease in lives as long as you always go to that location.

Now, the actual collectible is not well hidden. Instead, it’s just very annoying to get. When you reach the point pictured above, you might notice there is a platform to the right of the first one.

You must land on this platform, and then proceed to move forward. What makes this difficult are two annoying mechanics.

The first annoying mechanic are the turrets pictured above. You need to destroy both of them, while also moving forward. In addition to this, you need to wall jump between the openings to land on the next platform. Thankfully, this part isn’t too bad, though both are incredibly easy to mess up.

Making it to the other end will give you the chip, and easy access to the next section.

Fallen City

Bloodlust Chip

After traversing the burning building, you’ll reach an upper area where the flames no longer follow. Move forward, kill the enemies, break the rock pictured above, and then jump to the upper level. Breaking the block up there will cause another block to fall, which reveals a lower path with this chip.

Desalination Facility

Chameleon Chip

A good amount into the level you’ll find a left, and right path. Take the left path, while underwater, all the way to the end, drop down, go up to the mine, crouch, and slice. This will cause the mine to float, blowing a hole in the roof that has the chip hidden inside.

Long Sword Chip

Shortly after the Chameleon chip you’ll find a room with multiple switches, and a mine in a weird place. Go to the right until you find a switch located really high. Hit it, and the room will fill with water. Go back to the weird mine, hit it, and it will open a new path above. Follow it, and at the top you’ll find the chip.

Iwondonilo City

Detective Chip

This is arguably another hard to miss chip. When you get to the big car that constantly has hazards you need to jump over, there will be a chip at the end.

Asura’s Fleet

Reborn Chip

At the end of the initial jumping section, you’ll find it under the last ship. It can be easily obtained by couch jumping to go through the floor, and then just jump off to get it.

Soul Eater Chip

Just like Reborn, Soul Eater is in a really easy to find location that is slightly obscured.

After dropping down in the section pictured above, you’ll find a gate that you can go through containing the chip.

Video Guide

Bioweapon Lab
0:00 – MP Regen Chip

Lost Ruins
00:29 – Acrobat Chip
00:50 – Akujiki Chip

Laser Research Base
02:06 – Glass Cannon Chip
02:38 – HP Regen Chip

Fallen City
03:26 – Bloodlust Chip

Desalination Facility
03:51 – Chameleon Chip
04:14 – Long Sword Chip

Iwondonilo City
04:34 – Detective Chip

Asura’s Fleet
04:50 – Reborn Chip
05:08 – Soul Eater Chip

Game Over
05:26 – Armor Chip

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