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How to Defeat Parade Master in Lies of P

The first boss in these games can always be intimidating. It’s hard to tell how to approach them, understand the mechanics, and you often lack most resources. This is generally true for Lies of P and the first boss, Parade Master. In the event you’re struggling, this guide will give you a good idea of how to defeat them.

How to Defeat Parade Master in Lies of P

Suggested Build

At this point there honestly isn’t many options to aid you in battle. I can tell you one of the paths has a Workshop Union Lightweight Frame defensive part, which adds 4.25 more defense than the starting frame, but that won’t make much of a difference.

I can also tell you maxing your Fable Arts helps a bit. The three bar attack can deal sizable damage, which when done early will allow you to generate enough for at least a single bar.

There is also a shortcut to the starting area for a Stargazer that will let you boost stats, along with a vender by Parade Master that sells some useful items. You likely won’t have cash, though selling items will give you some options.

Defeating Parade Master

The best tactic I found for Parade Master is to be really aggressive. His attacks are extremely easy to read and can be blocked with relative ease. Be warned, normal blocks merely mitigate damage taken and will cause problems without getting some damage in.

I found baiting an attack, blocking, and then a heavy attack worked best. I also used my Fable Art immediately to speed things up. When enough damage is dealt Parade Master will change to his second phase.

This is about the same, just with faster attacks and a couple new slams. The core tactic is the same. Bait and then punish. If you’re lucky his stagger bar will fill and you can use that to knock him down. With enough aggression you can basically kill him at this point. One tip is to use your Fable Art buff if you have it to really make the most of the time.

Outside of this you shouldn’t have any real issues with Parade Master. He is a good warm up for the greater challenges that await in Lies of P.

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