How to Unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2

How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has a surprising amount of secrets. So many that players are still finding secrets in areas thought to be completely solved. However, none of these is more elusive than the Archon archetype. This final class is related to a mysterious door in the Labyrinth. That is until earlier today when dataminers found the solution, which was supposedly the intended method of figuring this puzzle out.

How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2

This discovery was originally made by The Cult of the Door team. Barut ultimately found the method that was tested by McCoy and confirmed to work. They posted a brief guide, which reddit user MotherKosm was kind enough to expand on, and we furthered to make it as easy as possible.

Collecting the Items

Before you can unlock the class you need to obtain a wide variety of specific drops/equipment. If you have any of these pieces you can skip that step and move onto the next one. The same is true if you join a game or someone with these items joins you. This also holds true for unlocking the archetype itself, though there is currently a lot of demand for that.

Explorer’s Armor Set

This is another one that people debate about. Some say it’s for beating Remnant 2, whereas others say it’s for unlocking the Explorer class, which is unlocked by beating the game. While I’d love to confirm something, I’ve done both and lack the armor. Supposedly this is a known glitch that is being looked into. In any case when it’s unlocked Whisper, the armor vendor, will have it for sale.

Void Heart (Relic)

To unlock Void Heart you need to go to N’Erud on the Sha’Hala boss path. This will start you in Seeker’s Rest, and if you’re still not sure there will be some dialogue confirming you’re working towards fixing a guardian. Defeat her normally, so do not use the override pin, and then progress/wait. There seems to be some debate as to what the actual requirements are, but people say a certain amount of story progress and waiting 12 hours will eventually result in Alepsis-Taura appearing on the map. If you go there you’ll find it with a single log.

How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2 3452

Anyone not interested in dealing with this can try their luck with matchmaking. While looking for other things I happened to notice someone was there, they grabbed the item, and that unlocked it for me as well.

Leto’s Amulet (Amulet)

Leto’s Amulet is given to players who “flop” 100 times. To perform a flop you need to wear armor that is in the red weight category, which basically limits you to Leto’s Mark.

How to Unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2

Anyone who hasn’t unlocked this armor can obtain it by following this guide since it’s rather complicated to explain here.

Amber Moonstone (Ring)

Cass has a number of rings and items that she can sell, which includes this ring. Her inventory updates every 30 minutes, so either keep checking, or attempt to visit another player who might have it.

Black Cat Band (Ring)

Simply die 15 times. After that the ring will appear in Reggie’s inventory.

Zania’s Malice (Ring)

Head to Ashen Wasteland in the last area, Root Earth. Progress normally until you find the first checkpoint.

Once you get there you’ll see this section to go to a lower level. What you need to do is walk around it and through the small gap pictured above. There you’ll find the ring.

Anastasija’s Inspiration (Ring)

The final ring is Anastasija’s Inspiration, which you might recall as the extremely overpriced ring Whispers sells. Just pay the 3,000 scrap to get it.

Ford’s Scattergun

This gun is a bit complicated to unlock. The first step is to get the Seal of the Empress ring. If you don’t already have it you need to have a save on The Red Throne path. Progress normally until you reach Widow’s Court.

There you must find the Ornate Chest, which is located below the exit.

I pictured two of the paths down there, which you choose is personal preference, but the non-waterfall path is less of a hassle.

When you get down there one of the paths (should be directly under the exit) will lead to a chest. Instead of leaving, push against the left wall and a secret path will open that leads to the chest. After this you can use the key found by a dead guard above to open it and get the seed, or just leave it as is. Regardless of which you choose, defeat the boss like normal and report to the Empress.

I’ve read a lot of posts on what you can or can’t do and all I can say is I just agreed to kill the boss as quickly as possible, and my options were pretty simple. My choices were as follows.

  • The Abomination is slain, Your Eternity.
  • Love Live Her Permanence!
  • [Kneel.]

At this point equip the ring, exit her chambers and go to the library. If you forgot/are unsure, this is the location to the left in the courtyard. Just go towards the exit and go there and the floor should open. If it looks wrong, you probably entered the wrong building. Down there you’ll find a chest and Ford’s Scattergun waiting for you.

Labyrinth Staff

To get the Labyrinth Staff you need to return to the checkpoint by Fractured Ingress in the Labyrinth. There you must travel the lower left path to where the changing gate is. Instead of entering the gate, keep moving forward until you get to the ledge pictured below.

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  • How to Unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2 23423
  • How to Unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2 342342
  • How to Unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2 23432
  • How to Unlock the Archon Class in Remnant 2 32423

Step off the platform and you should land safely on a bridge. Keep moving forward until you reach an open gap. This section uses the aforementioned changing gate as part of the platform. Simply wait for that, jump across, and win the fight. After that you’ll find the staff on the podium.

Cube Gun

You’ll obtain the material to make the Cube Gun by simply playing through story. You shouldn’t need a guide for this if you’re reading this, but in the event you do a video on how to kill the boss can be found here.

Explorer and Invader Archetypes

Finally, you must obtain the Explorer and Invader Archetypes and get them to level 10 and five respectively. As previously mentioned, Explorer is a reward for beating the campaign. Invader is a bit more involved, but not terribly difficult.

To get Invader you need to first obtain the melee weapon Dreamcatcher. This is a unique weapon tied to a couple secrets, most notably Invader.

This weapon is only obtainable in the Morrow Parish path of Losomn. Progress normally until you reach the asylum. You need to find three dolls, along with the basement key. Once you have them all, give the dolls to the locked up woman and open her cell to get the Nightweaver Stone Doll. With that, go fight the boss, visit the web and trade the doll for Dreamcatcher.

Head to Corrupted Harbor and make it to the area just before the boss. In the room where you fight the enemy hoard there will be a small path that leads to an open area. Here you can obtain Escalation Protocol and when the area is hit with Dreamcatcher a consumable item will be found. Consume this to get teleported to a new arena where you need to defeat an Aberration that will give the class.

Getting to the Gate

To find the corrupted gate you need to go to the area where you find Enigma, which is one of the best weapons in Remnant 2.

Once you get everything and equip all of these items you’ll get a buff that lets you enter the portal. If you’re unsure if it’s right you’ll look like the person below.

Having all of them will warp you to another location that looks unlike anything currently known in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2 23423

There you need to find the Strange Box to unlock the archetype. Due to the time limit this can be hard even with a video guide, but the basic route is right, followed by another right immediately.

At the fork you want to go right, followed by going the left path. At the end you’ll find the Strange Box and unlock the archetype.

In addition to that, there are is a ring, Bisected Ring, and amulet, Gunfire Security Lanyard, located here. Due to the difficulty of explaining how to find those items we included a video of BiochemicalWolf, who helped myself and many others obtain these items due to the aforementioned Explorer armor glitch, obtaining all three.

How to Unlock the Archon Archetype in Remnant 2 32423

Following this visit Wallace to unlock Archon.

Archon Archetype

Once it’s unlocked you can enjoy the mod based archetype, Archon. It’s a neat option that makes it easier to generate mod power across your team, along with increasing the overall power of all mods. It’s a great option that really makes certain weapons/options shine.

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