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Where to Find Leto’s Stash in Remnant 2

There are a couple extremely difficult tasks to figure out in Remnant 2. One are the secret water wheel songs, which thus far no one on PlayStation 5 anyway, has figured out, with another being Leto’s Stash. Since this stash will help players immensely, we wanted to make a quick guide to make finding it extremely easy.

Where to Find Leto’s Stash in Remnant 2

Finish the Labyrinth

After finishing Yaesha you’ll end up in the Labyrinth. This is a relatively straightforward location that shouldn’t take long to complete. If you still need to finish it the video below will help with the boss.

After this you’ll get the Biome Portal Key, which is used to open various gates, including the path to the stash.

Locating Leto’s Stash

Start by teleporting to Fractured Ingress.

Next, follow the path on the map above.

At the end there will be a portal hidden behind the portal you’d normally take.

At this location you’ll want to take the portal on the left, but be warned there are a couple enemies waiting for you up there.

In the next room you’ll find a dead end that is solved by finishing a jumping puzzle. It’s pictured above, with the second image showing the exact path if you just want the solution.

This is the opposite side since it makes it easier to see. On the other side you’ll come out of the hole, go up on the platform, and then jump across to the one I’m standing on.

There you’ll find a gate that takes you to a hidden room in Ward 13. This will give you a Tommy Gun called Chicago Typewriter, and the Leto Mark II armor.

It’s the best armor in terms of defense (45.7 percent damage reduction), though the weight is absolutely terrible.

Using certain items like the Rusted Navigator’s Pendant will bring the weight down to a more respectable level. At this amount you can actually dodge roll, it’s just an extremely slow version of it.

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