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How to Obtain the Best Weapons in Remnant 2

Remnant 2‘s approach to weapons is very reminiscent to how Bungie handled exotics in Destiny. There are a lot of unusual guns that do cool things, like Bolt Driver shoots a brief three shot beam, but a lot of them are pretty niche. Their value generally lies in changing the flow of combat. Naturally, there are still weapons that are a cut above the rest, many of which are not terribly difficult to obtain. To make things easier, we’re going to list some of the best weapons currently available in Remnant 2.

How to Obtain the Best Weapons in Remnant 2

Basic Information

This guide is based off the release version of Remnant 2. That is to say, all suggestions are based off the first patch version. In addition to that, we will include a couple suggestions since there are a few weapons that excel in one area, but flop in another. We will also give some mutator suggestions, though there is some preference that comes with all of these things.

Long Gun


On paper Nightfall is not a particularly amazing weapon. At its max level of 10 has a damage rating of 93 with a magazine that caps off at 10. What makes it powerful is the mod Dreadwalker, which is unique to it. This gives infinite ammo, 35 percent increase in fire rate, 10 percent life steal, and fully automatic. You’re also supposedly “harder to hit,” though I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference.

To give you an idea of its damage potential, I was messing around with it and ran into the aberration W.D. 109. With its perk active and not fully built around the gun, it almost killed it in 10 seconds.

When combined with the Amulet Lamer Censer (talk to Laemir after killing The Defiler) you can increase Dreadwalker time to 15 seconds, giving you plenty of time to kill most enemies. This also combines well with the Mutator Momentum ( Mantagora who generally flies around Imperial Gardens at the very start) for a boost to critical hit/damage.

How to Obtain

Nightfall is the default drop from The Nightweaver boss. To fight her, simply reroll Losomn until you start in Morrow Parish. She will be the final story boss on The Tormented Asylum. Alternatively, you can also try to join matches already at her and just finish her in a group.


While Nightfall is a very consistent weapon, Alpha/Omega excels against bosses. The reason for this relates to its whole gimmick of dealing more damage the longer you shoot.

Against normal enemies you won’t fire it enough to constantly kill new threats. Anything fast or hard to stagger will likely kill you long before this weapon can destroy everything they hold dear. This is where bosses come into play.

Most bosses have fairly large critical points and give enough time to ramp up the damage. It consistently proved more powerful than Nightfall in these situations, or against certain troublesome bosses like The Red Prince.

Due to the gimmick the Mutator Bandit (Forgotten Field) is extremely powerful. At max level you should be able to get two additional bursts before reloading.

How to Obtain

This is obtained by defeating the final story boss. It’s impossible to miss, though it can be fairly difficult to obtain.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a stand out option. Part of this is due to people having to invest heavily to make melee shine, which is still in its early phases, and certain guns just outshining the options present.

That said, in a gun build I like how Godsplitter (Faelin drop) and Spectral Blade (Sha’hala drop) perform.

Hand Gun

MP60-R (Early Game)

For early game the MP60-R is pretty strong. It also benefits from not having a permanent mod, allowing you to use whatever you want.

How to Obtain

Simply open Ford’s Chest with the code on the bottom of the flashlight he gives you and open the crate in the back corner of Ward 13. If this is confusing we wrote a more expansive guide detailing it.


I think it’s safe to say Enigma is strong enough where it will get nerfed in the near future. What makes it powerful is how it interacts with enemies.

Instead of simply targeting one enemy, it chains doing decreased damage with each chain. Each enemy hit with this is given Overload, which hits for a sizable amount of damage. It’s basically the single best mob weapon, along with having practically no competition.

When paired with the Mutator Refunder (Tower of the Unseen) it can make you feel unkillable. Twisting Wounds (Butcher’s Quarters) also pairs nicely if you choose Handler for your class. Another solid option is Timewave (Terminus Station) since the mod has a large reserve.

How to Obtain

Go to the Labyrinth checkpoint by Fractured Ingress and then head to the lower left. You want to go to the portal that

You need to wait until you see the location pictured below. The positioning will be relatively perfect the second it appears, so get close, wait for it, and then rush through.

When you make it to the next map there will be two enemies. Simply kill them, walk forward, and you’ll get this material which can be used to craft the weapon.

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