EA CEO Says AI Will Transform 50% of Development Process

EA CEO Says AI Will Transform 50% of Development Process

Electronic Arts (EA), under CEO Andrew Wilson, is significantly integrating generative AI into its game development, aiming to make the process faster and more efficient. During recent talks, Wilson revealed plans to use AI to not only speed up the creation of game elements like stadiums but also enhance overall game quality.

At an investor call, Wilson highlighted that AI had reduced the time to create stadiums from six months to six weeks. He also noted a substantial increase in the variety of animations, from 36 run cycles in FIFA 23 to 1,200 in EA Sports FC 24. This advancement brings a richer and more realistic player experience, closely mirroring real-world sports.

EA CEO Says AI Will Transform 50% of Development Process

Despite some concerns about job security following recent layoffs, Wilson reassured that the goal of AI integration is to augment and expand the possibilities within interactive entertainment, similar to how YouTube has impacted traditional media. EA aims to use its 40-year data accumulation to feed AI models, potentially accelerating the benefits AI can offer.

EA’s vision extends beyond efficiency. Over the next three to five years, Wilson foresees the creation of more expansive and immersive game worlds. In the longer term, EA plans to make these advanced tools available to the community, encouraging innovative game experiences.

As AI reshapes how games are developed at EA, there is a strong push from developers eager to leverage this technology to deliver engaging games more swiftly and creatively. Wilson envisions a future where AI not only streamlines development but also fundamentally transforms the landscape of gaming.

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