PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 Collectibles Now Available via PlayStation Stars 34534

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 Collectibles Now Available via PlayStation Stars (Updated)

Sony released a special collectible as part of their yearly PlayStation Wrap-Up. Update: The PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 listing is now available for all to enjoy.

Similar to last year, where players earned special avatars unique to their preferred genre, this year gives a PlayStation Stars collectible.

According to PocketPSN there are a total of six different collectibles players may receive. These look to largely match last year’s offerings, so fighting is Brawler, Speedster is racing, Gunslinger is obviously shooting, and The GOAT is for sport fans. The remaining two, Connoisseur and Thrill Seeker, are not so simple.

Reddit user Tesla-Punk3327 posted they received Thrill Seeker and needed Resident Evil 7, Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, or Ghost of Tsushima. It’s possible this takes the action-adventure spot that was present in 2022, though it seems to be somewhere in the middle.

So far no one has posted the requirements for Connoisseur. Given the name I’d guess it’s either a general tag for someone who falls within a specific range for all genres, or possibly relates to unusual titles. I attempted to reach out to the people listed on PocketPSN to get a better idea, though was rejected due to their privacy settings. If you get this collectible please let us know what it requires.

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 Collectibles Now Available via PlayStation Stars 34534 34534

Update: Now that the Wrap-Up is available, Thrill Seeker is defined as games that keep you “on the edge of your seat.” Connoisseur remains a bit more mysterious as “defying conventions and playing whatever you feel like.” The blog post revealing this year’s Wrap-Up has a picture of another category called “Role Player.” It’s not known if this was a scrapped idea that accidentally got used here, or if that category was not found in the API/through PocketPSN. If someone gets it please let us know. Update: Seems it just wasn’t listed at the time for whatever reason.

While the requirements for these cards were not formally revealed, the back of the icon mentions PlayStation Plus, so it’s safe to assume some level of membership is required to receive one.

Given the nature of these collectibles, it’s safe to say Sony will release the official PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 later today. These are fun documents that give various metrics and details about what you accomplished in the past year.

Going back to the 2022 version, the special avatars were meant to be shared so everyone could get a full set of them. It’s possible a special code will be released, as PlayStation Star collectibles can be unlocked via them, or possibly another avatar code. Make sure to check back later to see what ends up being revealed.

Update: Looking at this year’s listing gives a special code for a legendary collectible, Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Bot. I believe the code is universal, though they currently award nothing. This is likely due to the collectible not existing on the backend, hence why it was not leaked on PocketPSN.

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