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Destiny 2 Open Access Month is the Perfect Reason to Return

Bungie announced Destiny 2 will have an “open access” month, which means all players will be able to experience Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen until June 3.

Along with that, all seasonal content from Destiny year 6 will also be available, along with daily deepsight (red border) weapons to ensure players can catch up. PlayStation Plus subscribers also benefit from Lightfall being free this month, meaning you’ll essentially have access to the entire Darkness and Light saga, at least in terms of in-game content, before Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

The secret benefit to this choice is the ability to unlock notable pieces of gear. We did a guide on some of the best unlocks when Bungie did this with Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. While the most obvious remains Divinity, along with things like Assassin’s Cowl from Shadowkeep, pretty much anything short of the classes and content itself will remain unlocked.

This means chasing after notable weapons like The Lament, using Exotic Cyphers, which come from Xur/Pantheon quest, and more may allow you to no longer need the expansion following this event. Another unexpected one is farming the raids for craftable weapons.

Today Deep Stone Crypt, which comes from Beyond Light, is featured. The drop rate for red borders is pretty good, along with the raid itself being fairly easy. It’s perfect to get this done, especially since these weapons will remain craftable due to a change Bungie made for Pantheon.

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