Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo lets you play as Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo out today; Play as Sephiroth

During today’s State of Play, Sony and Square Enix thrilled fans by announcing the release of a playable demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, just in time for the highly anticipated game’s launch on February 29.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo details

The demo offers players the chance to embody not only Cloud but also the iconic Sephiroth, experiencing both characters’ prowess in battle and a poignant flashback to Cloud’s past during the Nibelheim incident, a pivotal event preceding the main storyline of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

For those who missed the State of Play event, a new trailer delving into the game’s narrative, coupled with 11 minutes of never-before-seen gameplay footage, was unveiled. This comprehensive showcase introduced several exciting aspects of the game, including an overview of the expansive world map, diverse transportation options, engaging mini-games, and more.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch on February 29. Be sure to check back soon for our in-depth review of this highly anticipated title. Stay tuned for more updates.

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