Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2023

At this point many expected Nintendo to announce a successor to Switch, but instead they released two of the year’s best titles. Naturally those make fantastic choices, as do a wide variety of accessories that you might not have obtained by this point. With this in mind we wanted to go over a couple fantastic gift options for Nintendo Switch.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Anyone who hasn’t experienced The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will want to correct that before the year ends. The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes everything players loved about it and expanded upon it. This, coupled with Nintendo’s consistent quality with The Legend of Zelda makes for an amazing experience that should appeal to most gamers.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, Super Mario Bros. Wonder expands on the franchise’s more whimsical side. Perhaps this means using an elephant power, or maybe a new take on long standing gameplay. It’s surprising how different the experience is, despite keeping true to what makes a Mario game special.

Super Mario RPG

Mario might be best known for his platforming adventures, though I wouldn’t fault someone from defaulting on his kart racing or athletic skills, there was an RPG as well. Originally released for SNES, and developed by Square, Super Mario RPG remains one of the most interesting spin-off Nintendo has published. Years later we finally have a remake that is perfect for anyone wanting to experience this gem for the first time, or revisit a beloved memory.

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Sonic Superstars

Sonic Superstars marks another attempt at Sega returning to Sonic’s roots. It’s fast, filled with references, and plenty of amusing cutscenes to explore. While it might be a little light on content, that doesn’t stop it from being among the best Sonic games to release in recent memory.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Even if we typically focus on more “gamer” centric games, things like Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures appeal to a specific demographic. Even if I wouldn’t consider it revolutionary, the experience brings Barbie to life. Something that pairs perfectly with the recent movie, which is also available for purchase.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

Little Friends: Puppy Island

Similar to Barbie, Little Friends: Puppy Island appeals to the same group that would love something like Nintendogs. It’s a fun pet raising simulator that has a surprising amount of customization and fun. Best of all, depending on where you buy it there are different promotional goodies. These range from a floppy Frisbee to play catch with a friend/pet, to cute joy-con thumbstick covers.


MicroSD Card

It’s honestly shocking how cheap microSD cards have become. When Nintendo Switch released I felt lucky to get a 128 GB card for $10 or so, whereas $15 will now get you 256 GB. With even major brands like Samsung having 512 GB options in the $35 range there is really no reason not to consider it if you have an expansive digital collection, or storage is getting tight.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534


XGIMI’s Halo+ is a great addition to something like the ChargePlay Quad, as they simply encourage togetherness. Not only does the portable projector make it extremely easy to beat your friends at Mario Kart anywhere in the house, outside, or let kids have their fun, all in a setting where they can’t possibly break something is a Joy-Con mishap happens. The only real downside to having the projector is quickly becoming the designated host or being expected to bring the fun with you.

INNOCN Portable Monitor

With the rise of work from home, more advanced setups, and more, a growing number of people are purchasing multiple monitors. Some opt to purchase something simple, others just select the cheapest, though INNOCN’s portable monitors offer versatility and options for only a little more.

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Their new line of portable monitors are really something. Instead of relying on a case, or specific attachment, INNCON uses a magnetic kickstand to give you full control over the product. Best of all, these monitors are OLED so you’re not sacrificing picture quality by going with this form factor. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to explore other options since it’s up to 15″ and works with a computer, console, or even something like Steam Deck.

UNITEK Switch Game Card Reader

Unitek’s Switch Game Card Reader is the type of product I wouldn’t even think to look for. Seriously, who expects a dock that allows owners to swap between multiple Switch game cards? Yet it exists and works surprisingly well. The latest model even adds a remote to effortlessly swap without leaving the couch. Or, if you need another dock, there is a model that has it built-in to simplify the process.


HyperX ChargePlay Quad Joy-Con Charging Station

Certain products, like ChargePlay Quad Joy-Con charging station, make the perfect gift due to their use case. They’re useful and serve a purpose, though they’re in that weird place where a lot of people can’t justify the cost. For this reason they make amazing gifts because they’re useful to have even if you might not pull the trigger yourself.

Nintendo Switch Holiday Gift Guide 2023 34534

BigBig Won Gale

There is not as much demand for pro controllers on Switch. This is largely due to the main competitive title being Splatoon 3, though BigBig Won addressed this with Gale. The rechargeable controller features four buttons on the back, superior parts, in a package that is easy to hold. Best of all, it also works on PC, and mobile devices.


Status Between 3ANC

Status’ Between 3ANC might not be gaming focused, but works surprisingly well on Switch. The finely calibrated headset helps bring the game to life with ANC to prevent the world from getting in the way. When outside of the game, they couple as a Bluetooth headset perfect for listening to music, or talking to friends.

Sony Pulse Explore

Anyone with other platforms, such as PlayStation, will likely want to consider Sony’s Pulse Explore. Early reviews are strong for both gaming and music performance, which is to be expected from the planar magnetic drivers. They might be a little harder to obtain, but should be a slam dunk if max versatility is what you’re looking for.

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