Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society Trophy Guide

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society Trophy Guide

Unlike most games, Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society has rather unusual trophies. Instead of explaining what the task actually is, players are given vague terms that they need to decipher to unlock. Let me start by saying, every trophy is story related, and there are no trophies you need to figure out. While this makes the guide arguably pointless, progressing in Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society is far from easy, and it will also give you an idea of what you need to do, or how you need to do it.

Basic Information

If you want to make the platinum super simple, we actually wrote a full game guide that explains in simple steps everything you need to do. The only thing it lacks is a listing of all the optional curios, though you can find them all by comparing maps. Some of the details also might be slightly off, since the names make it incredibly difficult to verify 100 percent, but it shouldn’t impact usability.

How Long Does it Take?

Since every trophy comes from story, progression really comes down to how good you are at the game itself. Following our leveling guide will help a lot, as it includes advice to overcome various mistakes I made. In a general sense, the first set of trophies will be unlocked in roughly 40 hours, the second set in another 40 hours, and the final somewhere in the 20 hour range. If you skip every cutscene, something I don’t suggest, it can potentially be done in roughly 24 hours, but most are going to be looking at 50 or more hours guaranteed.

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society Trophy Guide

Sun Garland of Hope
[Hope] To hope and pray for the future. A single flower blooms within the pit of despair.

Despite being the first trophy, this is the last one you’ll unlock. It requires defeating the final boss who waits at the top of dungeon with over 3,000 floors to conquer. This sounds a lot harder than it is, though with enough dedication you can easily do it.

Otherworldly Organism Sample, Bust of Grand Sage Salle, Wealthy Merchant’s Compote, Masque Neck Vase, Cranbiana’s Cup, Otherworlder Nuby’s Skull, Star Emperor’s Stuff, Starry Sea Vase, 13th-Century King’s Chess Piece, Kokol’s No. 9 Monument Slab, Green Birdbeast-Patterned Cloth, Duchess’ Guillotine Dice, Empress’ Chair, Vernet’s Perpetual Clock, Death of Da Civilizations: A Book, Queen Lira’s Tiara, Image of an Otherworldly Experience, Image of Molg Island Pilgrimage, Favored Royal Mistress’ Earrings, Queen Joze’s Jewel Closet, Amu-Inscribed Bureau, Dark Abyss Conch Shell, Marian’s Harp, Binark VII’s Royal Staff, and Madara Giant Fire Lizard Egg

Each of these unlock by finding one of the optional curios. There is one on literally every floor of the initial set, besides Chancel Grand Necrohall. Some of these are hidden in weird locations, though most require upgrades you simply won’t have on your initial visit.

Saint Min’s Demon Mask, Ruska’s Rice Seed, Imaginary Circus Ticket, Flower Garden’s Watering Can, Magdala’s Jail Key, Rum Theater Playbill, Rubel Puella’s Bloodstain, and Self-Portrait of a Witch: Scrap

Unlike the previous set, these have some rather unusual conditions. Instead of being unlocked by obtaining the curio, these unlock by finding various Apse Hidden Threshold Room. These rooms contain a Curio d’art, so they’re similar, but unlock before you do anything. Weirdest of all, even though you unlock them in a specific order that can not be deviated from, the trophies do not unlock in said order. It should start with Rubel Puella’s Bloodstain before jumping around.

These are also among the last trophies you’ll obtain, as they unlock towards the end of the second part of the game.

Necklace of Testorant, Ancient Coin of Est, Screw of Ghalaya, Suuya’s Mirror, Mora’s Medallion, Radamulia’s Book, Vase of Merkatza, Maldoor’s Wardrobe, and Frantz’s Catalog

These make up the original set of Curio d’arts. Finding them all is basically the end of the first half of the game.

Ancient Covenant’s Oath
The crimson agreement between summoner and summoned.

Just answer any question.

Complete Collection
You’ve retrieved all Curios from the Labyrinth of Galleria!
Your collection is now complete! Now that’s an impressive feat!

Essentially, you need every one of the previous trophies besides Sun Garland of Hope.

Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society
Congratulations! You have achieved the impossible and utterly conquered Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society!

This, Sun Garland of Hope, and the platinum all unlock when you defeat the final boss. You do not need to defeat every enemy, fill in every square, get all the upgrades, just kill the boss and you’re good.

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