How to unlock the Timber trophy achivement in Resident Evil Village

How to unlock the Timber trophy/achievement in Resident Evil Village

One of the hidden trophies or achievements in Resident Evil Village is called Timber and unlocking it is easy but will be really challenging for anyone who wishes to unlock it.

The Timber achievement can be unlocked on the first playthrough but can be really challenging. Instead, those who are playing the game for a second time will have it somewhat easier.

Here’s a straight forward guide on how to unlock the Timber trophy/achievement in Resident Evil Village:

Unlocking the Timber achievement or trophy requires that you kill Urias the first time you see him in the village. During the sequence where you will have to survive and Urias appears the first time, you must kill him before he escapes.

To quickly dispose of Urias, use the most powerful weapon that you got, primarily the Magnum. It is recommended that you do this on your second playthrough when you have carried over your weapons from the first playthrough. If you have the infinite ammunition cheat enabled, it will be easier to take Urias down.

Once Urias is down, you will get to unlock the Timber achievement.

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