Black Friday 2023 Deals Revealed for Dreo, Status, XGIMI, Samsung, Nintendo Switch Games, and 1More 23452

Black Friday 2023 Deals Revealed for Dreo, Status, XGIMI, Samsung, Nintendo Switch Games, and 1More

With Black Friday fast approaching a number of companies have revealed fantastic deals that players can currently enjoy. These include major brands like Samsung, to interesting newcomers such as Status.

Nintendo Switch Games

Before moving onto tech, Staples of all places has a wide variety of first-party Nintendo games for $39.99. Unfortunately, said deals are in-store only, with several products showing out of stock. While we can’t confirm accuracy, several “out of stock” products are currency available if you’re willing to drive a little out of your way.

Additionally, those who don’t want to deal with swapping Nintendo switch games might want to look into Unitek Multi-Port Switch Game Card Reader. This handy device allows players to swap between physical Nintendo switch games by pushing a button, or through a remote. This is also currently 15 percent off bringing it to $34.


Dreo is offering up to 50 percent on a wide array of these products. A full list can be found on their official website, which for every $100 spent you have the chance of winning another exciting product. To make it easier, we’re going to highlight a couple stand out options.


Headphone company Status has deals on their headphones, including their true wireless headset Between 3ANC that we praised earlier this year.


Anyone who wants to get into streaming will also want to check out Maono’s various offerings. These include most of their products, along with select bundles. The one highlight would be the Maonocaster AME2 and PD400X, which is $20 less than buying both separately, and includes two windscreens, extension rod, plus a Karaoke microphone for $200. Other bundles include a boom mic arm, to literally everything to start voicing over content.


Elgato has their recently released Stream Deck+ on sale for $170 (MSRP: $200). This deal can be found at various retailers, though purchasing it from Elgato directly will give a free set of colored knobs ($20 value). Just be aware Elgato is not currently offering a deal on the white version.

Retailers like Amazon also have the 15 key Stream Deck MK.2 on sale for $120 (MSRP: $150). Unfortunately, this only applies to the white version, though perfect if you wanted more buttons/interactions than the Stream Deck+ offers.


Projector company XGIMI is offering up to 43 percent off a large number of their popular products. These include portable, stationary, and even their ultra short throw, Aura.


AndaSeat’s early Black Friday sale is something we posted about earlier, but is worth repeating for anyone looking for a gaming chair.


Those looking to really up their game will want to check out Audeze Black Friday offerings. Headsets include LCD-5 at $3,000 (MSRP: $4,500), and CRBN, which is the best headset I’ve heard, at $2,500 (MSRP: $4,500). Audeze is also offering their conference speaker FILTER is also $125 (MSRP: $250). Finally, they have an “accessory case” for $5. From what I can tell this is their EL-8 headphone case. Given Audeze offers free shipping on the case it might be worth it if you’re in the market for a case. Their Aluminum Travel Case is also on sale for $59 (MSRP: $175), though all sales are final on that product.


While Samsung is no stranger to deals, a number of fantastic products have massive sales this Black Friday. This is another listing where there is simply too much to list it all and will be highlighting major deals such as memory for Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 5, tablets, and audio.


For Black Friday GUNNAR Optiks is offering a massive 40 percent off prescription glasses. These include their standard frames, as well as any collaboration that supports prescription frames like their Spider-Man, or Assassin’s Creed. Anyone unsure about quality and performance can also check out our review of their Clear, Amber, and Amber Max lens. Each review is based off their Vertex model and features prescription lens.


1More has their extremely popular Quad Driver headphones for $90 (MSRP: $170), along with a good number of other options as low as $33. These include any type of true wireless headphone you could possibly ask for, plus a couple earbuds, and over ear options.

While we will update this post with more notable deals should we notice them; if you happen to find something we miss, or want to draw attention to a specific item please post it below.

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