PlayStation 2 Sold Over 160 Million Units, Jim Ryan Confirms

PlayStation 2 Sold Over 160 Million Units, Jim Ryan Confirms

The PlayStation 2, Sony’s iconic gaming console, has achieved an unparalleled milestone by selling over 160 million units globally. Jim Ryan, the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment shared this update, marking a significant revision from the previously known figure of 155 million units. The adjustment highlights the PS2’s undisputed reign as the most successful console in history.

This news was revealed when Jim Ryan reflected on his impactful tenure with Sony during a conversation on the official PlayStation podcast. The PS2, launched in the early 2000s, has since been celebrated for its vast library of games and its monumental contribution to the gaming industry.

Surpassing previous records, the PS2’s new sales figure cements its legacy, towering over other consoles like the Nintendo DS and the still-popular Nintendo Switch. The latter has sold 139 million units so far but has yet to surpass the PS2’s record.

As Sony prepares for a leadership transition with Hiroki Totoki set to take over from Jim Ryan, the gaming world pays homage to the PS2’s unmatched achievements. Its enduring popularity and its role in shaping the gaming landscape are a testament to its quality and the fond memories it created for gamers worldwide.

The PlayStation 2’s journey from its launch to becoming the best-selling console of all time underscores Sony’s dominant presence in the gaming sector and sets a high bar for future consoles.

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