Bungie Updates Destiny 2: Into the Light's BRAVE Arsenal Roll Out 23423

Bungie Updates Destiny 2: Into the Light’s BRAVE Arsenal Roll Out

Earlier this week Bungie detailed Destiny 2: Into the Light‘s BRAVE Arsenal, which included reissues of 12 different weapons across Destiny’s history.

At the time reactions were mixed. Some loved the idea, especially in regard to limited edition versions, whereas other people questioned the choices. A later update confirmed these weapons would be rolled out over time. At launch on Apr. 9 half of the weapons will release, with the remaining six weapons being added one week at a time.

This choice was met with a lot of criticism. Some were frustrated at the small window to obtain limited edition versions, other people annoyed at the likely possibility the most desired weapons would be last, and many saw it as discouraging early play.

In response, Bungie reduced the rollout to three weeks, and further clarified a few other things.

Destiny 2: Into the Light BRAVE Arsenal Update

We’ve got updates on the rollout for the BRAVE arsenal starting April 9, plus some important callouts to highlight just how much loot you’ll be swimming in during Destiny 2: Into the Light.

First up: we’ve seen the feedback on releasing an additional weapon each week after the first six drop on April 9, and we’re condensing the schedule to release everything by April 30th, rather than May 21st. We still think it’s important to have fresh rewards to look forward to in the first few weeks, and we want to pack the first half of Destiny 2: Into the Light before we introduce more playable content in the second half.

Let’s talk about guaranteed limited-edition variants and weapon drop rates. By completing Arcite’s quests, you are guaranteed to get a curated limited-edition variant of each weapon. The team has intentionally picked some hot perk combos for these, and they all come with unique shiny visuals.

So even if you don’t have a lot of free time, you’ll be able to walk out of Destiny 2: Into the Light with a limited-edition variant of all 12 BRAVE weapons with excellent rolls and over a month to complete these straightforward quests. Earning your own limited-edition god roll is meant to be a very exclusive reward that should require some effort, which is why we wanted to make sure everyone can get at least one awesome limited-edition variant of each weapon through quests.

The weapon drop rates during Destiny 2: Into the Light will be among our highest in Destiny’s history, even harkening back to the days of Season of Opulence. By attuning to a specific weapon, you will greatly increase your chances of that weapon dropping from Onslaught chests, and you’ll be opening a lot of chests. Depending on how long you last, you can expect to earn several drops of the same weapon in a single session, especially on 50-Wave runs.

You can also use the weapon chest near Shaxx at the Hall of Champions to get more weapons using Trophies of Bravery. These Trophies will drop game-wide across core Rituals, Seasonal activities, raids, dungeons, Dares of Eternity, Lost Sectors, and more, so you’re always earning progress toward more weapons as you’re playing. These even drop from Onslaught chests, so you’ll be able to grab a few more rolls after every Onslaught session.

All 12 base BRAVE weapons can still be farmed after Destiny 2: Into the Light concludes. We’ll be moving Onslaught over to a dedicated node in Vanguard Ops with the launch of The Final Shape, at which point you’ll also be able to enhance perks on all of these weapons!

And we have even more content to announce for Destiny 2: Into the Light next week. Come hang out at twitch.tv/bungie at 10 am PT Tuesday to get a look at what’s coming! We’ll see you then.

Bungie via Reddit

One standout statement was attuned weapons having a higher drop rate. According to Combat Area Design Lead, Chris proctor, attuned weapons have a “50 percent” drop rate. These changes should result in a solid experience when Destiny 2: Into the Light releases, especially with so much more set to be revealed in the final podcast.

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