Dragon's Dogma 2's Highly Anticipated Patch Now Live

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Highly Anticipated Patch Now Live: Bug Fixes, DLSS Super Resolution, and More

A week after the launch of Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom has acknowledged specific issues within the game and has swiftly responded by announcing a patch to rectify these concerns. Today marks the eagerly anticipated release of this patch, which addresses existing issues and introduces new features, such as the ability to initiate a new game even when save data already exists.

Among the notable enhancements in this latest patch is the increased availability of “Art of Metamorphosis” items at the Pawns Guild, now capped at 99. PC players will also benefit from introducing the DLSS Super Resolution option, which enhances visual fidelity. Furthermore, the patch encompasses many bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Please see below the patch note for Dragon’s Dogma 2:

— Adding the option to start a new game when save data already exists.
– Changing the number of “Art of Metamorphosis” items available at Pawn Guilds in the game to 99.
– Making the quest that allows players to acquire their own dwelling (where they can save and rest) available earlier in the game.
– Improving quality when DLSS SUPER RESOLUTION is enabled.
– Fixing an issue related to the display of models under some specific settings.
– Miscellaneous text display issues.
– Miscellaneous bug fixes.

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