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Top 10 Tips to Overcome Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Starting a game like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty can be rather stressful. There are five paths to level, a wide variety of gear to use, armor weight, and so much more to keep in mind. While you will eventually unlock a respec, each boss has their own weaknesses, and playstyle will impact the experience, we wanted to write a couple tips to help your experience. There are a few things that work in an unexpected way that can greatly impact your experience.

Top 10 Tips to Overcome Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Build How You Want to Play

One of the things we talked about in our review was the struggles with Wizardry Spells. It’s hard to make a Wizardry build work, since you’ll need a lot of items invested in the various categories. Also, since every path has different skills associated with it, these different paths might not provide any actual benefit. There are some other elements that come into play we didn’t mention, like I tried to use fire against Dong Zhuo, though he would typically hit me with a ranged attack before I could attack. Not only did I take damage, it increased my spirit without anything to show for it.

For these reasons and more I would just create a build that works for me. If you want to be ranged, go Water, hack and slash fans have Fire, those looking for a bit more help can invest in Earth/Wood, with magic users having Metal. I would suggest investing in multiple categories, like Earth allows you to use heavier armor, and Wood has skills that help with HP management, but you shouldn’t lose because you’re level 40 Metal, and Dong Zhuo is weak to fire.

Benefits Boost Across the Board

Most games use a dynamic approach to benefits. Armor is always active, with weapons being limited to the item, or currently accessible options. In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, they work across the board. So, even if you have terrible perks for the given weapon, this can still be beneficial on your main weapon(s). This is especially useful for passive effects like enemy detection.

Weapons Have a Fixed Build and Special Effect

Every weapon has fixed attack, attribute bonuses, sprit, and first special effect attribute. If it’s part of a set, that will also work on every version of the item as well. This is important for two reasons.

Going back to the point about boosting benefits, once you find the right initial attribute, the only further benefit you need is higher rarity. It also means you don’t need to examine any piece of gear beyond Special Effect skills. A strong martial art can make even the lowest tier weapon amazing, so make sure to keep an eye on that if you want to upgrade to a higher rarity weapon.

It’s Always Better to Salvage Gear than Sell

For some odd reason Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gives players zero reason to sell any piece of gear. This has to do with how the systems work, plus a potential lack of oversight in the system itself.

In the image above you can see what I get for dismantling, or selling my Helmet of Rampancy. At first glance 4,800 coppers might seem more valuable than the single piece of leather and 14 Jewel Fragments, but that isn’t the case.

Since a Jewel Fragment sells for 1,000, I can get 14,000 coppers by simply dismantling my helmet and selling the fragments. This can be further increased to 15,750 if I sell the leather as well. That is over triple the value, so there is no reason to even consider selling anything else.

Do Sub Battlefields

While most sub battlefields are short missions that offer little value, some of them have Dragon Cure Pot upgrades. The value of gaining a single upgrade is well worth an extra 20 minute stage.

Fortification is Important

The explanation of fortification is somewhat hidden. It’s mentioned when you set your first Battle Flag, and again when you set your first Marking Flag, but if you missed it/forgot/didn’t understand, you might wonder why this is important.

Simply put, fortification acts as a baseline morale. If your fortification is 20, your morale can no longer drop below 20. This is extremely useful for bosses, and progression, since it prevents a single mistake from snowballing. For this reason you should always find battle flags.

Flags and Offering a Dragon Cure Pot to Fallen Players is Really Useful

While fortification is important for flags, there is another benefit you might miss. Simply setting a flag restores your/allies health, and gives you full Dragon Cure Pots. You don’t need to rest to benefit, and shouldn’t unless you need to change something.

Another thing you might miss on the first couple of goes is offering a Dragon Cure Pot to a fallen player. At first glance it might seem like you’re trading a pot for a temporary morale boost, but it actually heals you as well. Basically, these places work exactly like using your pot, just in a fixed location, and give morale. They should be used whenever you need to heal.

Golden Qi Counter Means you Can Level

During a mission you might notice your currently held Qi changing from white to a golden color. This means you have enough to level up. So if you’re unsure if resting is worthwhile, you can immediately tell if you’ll get a level or not by looking at it.

Most Optional Fights are Not Worth it

There are many levels where you’ll see a chest hidden behind a couple really powerful enemies. Traditionally, this indicates the reward is worth the risk. However, in my experience, that is not true with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

There were many sections where I almost died to collect a two star gauntlet, or somewhat expensive consumable. In most cases you’re best off ignoring those sections unless they have a flag, or other guaranteed reward that is worth it.

Return to Fights You’re Not Ready For

Several levels, especially at the start of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, have extremely high morale enemies near the start of the level. While it isn’t impossible to kill these enemies, even at two or three morale, their benefits are pretty low, and in every case best left for later. Especially since a lot of levels loop around, and when you’re ready there is typically a shortcut that takes you back to that location.

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