Sony Reissues Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation Stars Collectible 1

Sony Reissues Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation Stars Collectible

Various users have reported Sony has reissued the Horizon Forbidden West Focus PlayStation Stars collectible.

The collectible, which was met with a lot of criticism, was offered as part of PlayStation Plus’ Festival of Play event in Feb. 2023. What made the collectible controversial were the conditions.

Instead of rewarding everyone, the collectible was only obtainable for PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium/Deluxe tier members who didn’t earn various Horizon Forbidden West trophies.

PlayStation Stars Campaign 

(for PlayStation Plus members)

February 15 – February 24

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program that is free to join and doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus membership. However, this month we’ll have unique digital collectibles during PlayStation Plus Festival of Play, including:

  • PlayStation Plus members will receive a “Festival of Play Party Favor” digital collectible for checking into the ‘A Gift from PlayStation Plus’ campaign and playing any game.
  • With Horizon Forbidden West joining the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog starting on February 21, you can get “A Gift from the Past” digital collectible by checking into the “Welcome to the Forbidden West” campaign and earning the following trophies. This campaign is only available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe members who have yet to earn these trophies.
    • “Save the Daunt”
    • “Attend the Embassy”
    • “Obtain 3 Stripes at a Hunting Ground”
    • “Used Dyed Flowers”
    • “First Rebel Camp Completed”
    • “First Tall Neck Overwritten”
PlayStation Blog

According to recent reports, the collectible is now available for every PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium member. One member who previously completed the tasks mentioned the collectible unlocked automatically.

While it’s not clear if this is Sony deciding to walk back on the decision, or not, this isn’t the first collectible to be reissued. Another controversial collectible, PlayStation 3, was reissued shortly after its original release. Sony also did this for the Hard Game Club collectibles, as a way for those who didn’t meet the original conditions to unlock them.

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