Every Mediatonic Creative Level Share Code for Fall Guys Leaked 111

Every Mediatonic Creative Level Share Code for Fall Guys Leaked

Yesterday, Mediatonic detailed their latest Fall Guys patch, Creative Construction. Among the things revealed were “50 Creative Rounds crafted by Mediatonic’s Blunderdome Construction Crew.” These were originally set to be revealed throughout the fourth season, but an unexpected leak changed this plan.

Reddit user TRB4 posted the share code for all 50 of these stages. They note only 40 stages can be entered at a time, so it’s not suggested to enter every code at once.

Fan Frolics: 8145-6018-5093

Slimy Slopes: 8300-9964-4945

Digi Trek: 8058-9910-7007

Boom Blaster Trial: 8113-7002-5798

Downstream Duel: 7895-4812-3429

Wooseleum: 7652-0829-4538

Gentle Gauntlet: 7750-7786-5732

Bellyflop Battlers: 7774-2277-5742

Super Door Dash: 7488-7333-3120

Firewall Finale: 7495-5141-5265

Runner Beans: 7274-6756-2481

Two Faced: 7387-6177-4493

Gigabyte Gauntlet: 6970-1344-9780

Slide Showdown: 6498-0353-5009

Shortcut Links: 6546-9859-4336

Floorless: 6748-6192-9739

Tornado Trial: 5673-8789-9890

Scythes & Roundabouts: 6212-4520-8328

Blunder Bridges: 6401-4333-5888

Transfer Turnpike: 6464-4069-3540

Beat Bouncers: 5608-1711-5644

Choo Choo Challenge: 4446-4876-4968

Chuting Stars: 4582-3265-6150

Mega Monument: 4694-8620-4972

Cyber Circuit: 4409-6583-6207

Cardio Runners: 2777-8402-7007

Conveyor Clash: 3207-5100-4977

Cube Corruption : 3541-3776-9131

Serpent Slalom: 2767-1753-8429

Apples & Oranges: 2228-9895-3526

Fan Flingers: 2384-0516-9077

Airborne Antics: 2416-3885-2780

Prismatic Parade: 1595-7489-8714

Hyperlink Hijinks: 1335-7488-1452

Lost Palace: 1468-0990-4257

Hopscotch Havoc: 1521-1552-6833

Square Up: 0733-6671-4871

Spiral of Woo: 0942-4996-5802

Beans Ahoy!: 1127-0302-4545

Lane Changers: 0653-2576-5236

Swept Away: 2019-5582-0500

Up & Down: 1794-4080-7040

Incline Rewind: 1920-3797-9890

Mount Boom: 1976-1259-2690

Pixel Hearts: 9014-0444-9613

Winding Walkways: 9078-2884-2372

Spinner Sprint: 9189-7523-8901

Wham Bam Boom: 9335-2112-8890

Parkour Panic: 8993-4568-6925

Trouble Tower: 8398-4477-7834

Blueberry Bombardment: 8685-7305-6864

Data Streams: 8895-2034-3061

In The Cloud : 9641-5398-7416

Upload Heights: 9366-4809-0021

Disc Dashers: 9426-4640-3293

Circuit Breakers: 9525-6213-8767

Balancing Act: 0567-6834-7490

Windmill Road: 0633-3680-7102

Uphill Struggle: 0128-0546-8951

Fortress Frolics: 0324-4730-9285


For those unfamiliar with how to use these codes, simply boot Fall Guys and push Play. At the top you should see Custom Shows, which might even have a banner saying “use a share code here.” Select Host, and under Show Selector you’ll see the option to enter a code.

Successfully entering a code will reveal the stage, play information, and details about it. At this point you can freely practice these new stages.

As of this post Mediatonic has not commented on the leak. Make sure to stay tuned in the event this changes.

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