Sony Reissues Infamous PlayStation 3 PlayStation Stars Collectible 3

Sony Reissues Infamous PlayStation 3 PlayStation Stars Collectible

Back when PlayStation Stars first launched there was a lot of questions, and frustration surrounding the PlayStation 3 collectible.

According to Sony, the PlayStation 3 collectible was given to players who owned the original Clear Black, or Ceramic White models. However, support and other sources indicated it’s random, has additional conditions, or in the case of the white model, doesn’t actually exist.

After frustrating many players, Sony performed another pass that seemingly resulted in many more players receiving the infamous collectible. Myself, and many others have reported he collectible can now be claimed. The actual campaign expires two years from now, and while we can’t confirm users in the future will be able to get it, odds are Sony will periodically do a pass where new members will be able to earn it.

Along with adding this collectible, several have reported the white version has gone out as well. While we haven’t seen official confirmation the collectibles are linked to which color you owned, it’s a safe bet. Still nothing on the PlayStation 3 Slim collectible being reissues, though this change leaves us hopeful these things might see a longer life.

Finally, with PlayStation Plus games being added today, a new 50 point campaign is live for playing any of the titles.

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