Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC Review - A Lot of Features at an Affordable Price 43534

Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC Review – A Lot of Features at an Affordable Price

It’s always interesting to see how markets change over time. When Bluetooth first released it was something exclusive to $100+ headsets, whereas now some are cheaper than lunch at Taco Bell. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) has taken a similar turn. During my time at Best Buy it was a feature you wouldn’t find on a <$100 headset, with recommendations being in the $250 range. As companies like Monoprice continue to push said options at an affordable price, can their $69.99 Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC prove to be a great budget alternative, or should you invest that money towards something better?


One thing I like about Monoprice’s budget offerings is how little seemingly went to packaging. In the case of Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC it’s basically a half box that is paper thin. There isn’t any additional protection besides the case, nor is any space really wasted.

Simple and Effective

Likewise, the packaging itself is incredibly straightforward. There is a doodle of the headset, the usual Monoprice branding, and four highlighted featured on the back. What it lacks in style it makes up in giving the genuine impression all your money went towards the actual product.

Carrying Case

Despite the low price tag, Monoprice included a hardshell case with Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC. Like their other offerings it comes unbranded, making it a solid option for any headset that may fit inside. However, it also has some notable downsides.

On the outside there is no loop/strap to affix it to a bag. There is also no option to add this short of using the gap on the zipper itself. In addition to that, the inside is completely empty. It would be really nice to have a compartment for cables, or what have you. Options exist to add such functionality, though for no much more you could probably replace the case itself.

A 1m/3.3′ USB-A to USB-C cable is also included to charge the headset.


As you should be able to tell from the carrying case, Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC is a foldable headset. I much prefer these to standard headsets on the go, since they tend to be easier to fit in a bag.

Since the case lacks any specifics, simply moving the headband to the default position and placing the headband on the outside is all you need to do to put it in the case. It shouldn’t pose any issues outside of possibly wanting a strap to hook it in place, or to something.


The interesting thing about Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC is how it features a number of positive and negative design choices.

At first glance it looks like a well designed headset. There are some unappealing aspects, like the boiler plate/model number on the bottom being fairly noticeable, but outside of that it looks nice. Monoprice also included a numbered metal headband, a feature I always love to see. For those unfamiliar, metal headbands are more durable, with the number indicating how many positions down the band is. The idea is to simplify evening the two sides out by adjusting to a specific number.

Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC Review - A Lot of Features at an Affordable Price 34534 34543

Giving them Roman numerals feels somewhat out of place. I wouldn’t consider it a negative, just an odd choice. It also caps off at six notches down, something that is a bit on the lower than other headsets with a similar feature. For example, my EPOS H3 Hybrid goes to 11, and has a noticeably larger gap, so it’s more than smaller notches. That being said, I’d say Monoprice included more metal that should, in theory, improve durability.


While it’s technically a design complaint, I really don’t like Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC’s controls. On the back are two buttons, one that controls ANC/transparency mode, and a multi-function button that powers the headset, enters pairing mode, enabled voice functionality, answering/rejecting calls, and so forth.

Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC Review - A Lot of Features at an Affordable Price 34534 3453
Not the Most Appealing Location

What I don’t like is the volume knocker. Even though I prefer a dedicated button to inconsistent touch controls, placing it on the front is not the most elegant solution. It looks awkward to use, and isn’t a particularly common choice. I would consider this more of a personal complaint, especially since you can max out the headset volume and simply alter the source if you don’t want to fiddle with it.


Normally I don’t touch on comfort since it’s so subjective. While this won’t apply to everyone, I found myself having a rather noticeable issue with comfort when using this headset.

Despite the padding and material feeling fine, I found the top of my ears pressed against the ear cups on both sides. I believe this is due to the interior not being completely flush. Instead, there is a small bump that seemingly causes this discomfort. How much of a negative this is will depend on the person, though anyone with larger ears will likely have more issues than myself.

I can also confirm adjusting the headband to be more, or less, accommodating did not improve things. It just seems like that one specific spot is aligned just so as to cause issues for myself.

Music Performance

Monoprice went with a rather flat sound profile with this headset. It didn’t matter if I played pop music, a game like Destiny 2, or something bass heavy; it remained relatively level. This is good for hearing a wider range of sounds, though it lacks the depth to truly bring out any specific song.

I consistently found myself thinking things sounded okay. No song sounded truly bad, though sometimes I needed a bit more volume to hear any range, just nothing really stood out. I just never found a defining moment where anything stood out with them.

Show/Movie Performance

Shows/movies fared somewhat better. Watching my favorite YouTube personalities was fine, as it just helped bring their voices to the forefront. Sitcoms and other simpler programs performed in a similar way. It was once I stepped into the prestige/movie range that they started to fall behind. Not like they’re worse than TV speakers, though I am not sure if I’d say they were a notch above, just kind of lackluster.

Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC Review - A Lot of Features at an Affordable Price 34534 3453

ANC Performance

Despite underwhelming sound performance, I found the ANC was pretty good for the price. I don’t think it would be my first choice for an airline, but walking around the house, or local area it should perform relatively well.

Like at one point I was listening to Dragons’ Den as my girlfriend watched something on Bravo. A simple button press and the Bravo show was gone. Similarly I didn’t find my Dreo Wall Mounted Heater overpowering enough to break through this ANC.

Voice Performance

Unfortunately, at the time of posting I am still recovering from being sick. For this reason my voice sounds different than usual, and is not the best example of what to expect. Thankfully, I did try this before getting sick, I just didn’t record it.

Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC goes in an unusual direction with its microphone. The headset did a good job in regard to volume, but not the best in sound quality. It was rather echoey, with a distinct lack of clarity. Even while sick it was enough to accurately control my phone via voice, or have a conversation, though I wouldn’t rely on it for much more.

Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC Review Verdict

At the end of the day, Monoprice’s Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC is not meant to compete with top-end headsets. For $69.99 you’re getting good build quality, along with acceptable ANC. I would honestly say it’s perfect for a young teen, or anyone that prioritizes ANC to sound fidelity. It would be nice if there were a few changes, most notably comfort, but for the price they’re legitimately hard to beat. But if you’re looking for a little more it might help to step up to Monoprice’s next level.

Editor’s Note: Monoprice Dual Driver Bluetooth Headphone with ANC was provided to us for review purposes.

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