GravaStar Announces Uniquely Designed Gaming Mouse Mercury 34534 34534

GravaStar Announces Uniquely Designed Gaming Mouse Mercury

GravaStar announced their creative line of electronics will now include a series of gaming mice known as Mercury M1 Pro, and Mercury M2.

GravaStar Announces Uniquely Designed Gaming Mouse Mercury 34534 43534 34534

The line start with Mercury M1 Pro, which gives players a magnesium alloy body, PAW3395 chip that delivers a high-precision 26,000 DPI sensor, “Turospeed” wireless technology, 200 hours Bluetooth/146 hours wireless battery life, “glowsync” RGB lighting, and five fully programmable buttons.

Innovative Hollowed-Out Design

Experience the unique blend of style and practicality with the M1 Pro’s hollowed-out design. This creative approach not only gives the mouse a distinctive look but also ensures optimal airflow, keeping your grip cool during intense gaming sessions.

Highly Sensitive PAW3395 Chip

Dominate the gaming world with a up to 4K polling rate and a staggering 26,000 DPI sensor. PAW3395 provides ultra-smooth cursor movement and pinpoint accuracy, giving you the unseen advantage in every skirmish, every battle.

5 Light Modes with GLOWSYNC RGB Tech

The M1 Pro’s customizable GLOWSYNC RGB lighting isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about setting the tone for your next conquest. Sync it with your game, feel the ambiance of every battle, and let the colors herald your victories.

Versatile Connectivity

With the TUROSPEED Wireless technology, the M1 Pro offers versatile connection options – from the ultra-fast 2.4G to the agile Bluetooth, down to the steadfast wired connection. Coupled with prolonged battery life, this mouse ensures you’re always ready, always dominant. (M1 Pro Battle-Worn Silver Mist comes with 4K receiver)

Ultimate Customization Control

Tailor every aspect of your gameplay with the M1 Pro’s fully programmable buttons. The intuitive software enables you to assign macros, reconfigure button layouts, and adapt the mouse to your gaming style, ensuring you’re always playing on your terms.

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These models will also come in two distinctly different designs. The entry level version is gunmetal gray, includes a 1K dongle, and is more subdued in design. Those looking for the full GravaStar experience can step up to the “battle-worn silver mist” version. This mouse has a “handcrafted” magnesium alloy body, charming battle-worn look that supporters have come to love, with a 1K and 4K dongle to get the ultimate experience out of Mercury M1 Pro.

Anyone looking for a little less can pick up Mercury M2. This 79g gaming mouse features the same slick design, just in a PVC body. It also boasts the same PAW3395 chip that delivers a high-precision 26,000 DPI sensor, five dynamic “Glowsync” RGB modes, five customizable buttons, no support for 4K, a reduced battery life of 82 hours via Bluetooth/63 wireless.

GravaStar founder, Yong Huang, added the following comment about the reveal.

In creating the Mercury M1 Pro and M2, my vision was to transcend the ordinary boundaries of gaming peripherals. These mice are more than just tools; they are an embodiment of the gamer’s spirit. My approach was not solely focused on functionality but on crafting an extension of the gamer’s own persona. The unique bio-inspired design of these mice, which emphasizes both aesthetics and ergonomics, is a direct reflection of this vision.I have always believed that the details make the product. This belief drove the innovative hollowed-out, curved structure of the Mercury series, ensuring that each mouse is not only visually striking but also perfectly contoured to the gamer’s hand. The meticulous optimization of tactile feedback was a journey of countless iterations, all aimed at achieving the perfect balance between form and function.

For me, the Mercury M1 Pro and M2 are not mere peripherals; they represent a fusion of sci-fi elegance with practical, high-performance gaming tools. They are the culmination of my commitment to revolutionizing the gaming experience, making each interaction not just functional but inspiringly personal. My goal has always been to create products that resonate with gamers on a deeper level, blending high-tech functionality with a design that speaks to their individuality.

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GravaStar Announces Uniquely Designed Gaming Mouse Mercury 34534 34534 34534

All three versions of Mercury M1 Pro, and M2 gaming mice will be available for preorder later today. Prices start at $79.95 for M2, followed $99.95 for Gunmetal M1 Pro, and finally $129.95 for Battle-Worn Silver Mist M1 Pro. Anyone who preorders from today until Jan. 22 will receive an additional mousepad as well. All units are expected to ship Jan. 23.

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