Audeze Announces Special Aydan Version of Maxwell Gaming Headset 23423

Audeze Announces Special Aydan Version of Maxwell Gaming Headset

Audeze and Aydan announced a special edition of their popular gaming headset Maxwell.

Unlike the recently announced ultraviolet version, which is still available for preorder, the Aydan version will be exclusive to PlayStation platforms.

For those unfamiliar with Aydan, a brief explanation of the design was given with the announcement.

The customized Aydan Edition Maxwell features his gold and white competition logo, printed on the earcups and micro-printed on the ear cushions along with colorized left / right ear cup indicators. This logo has a deep meaning for Aydan, based on his early experiences with World of Warcraft, where he played as “Alliance.” The gold and white colors and halo are inspired by the Aydan’s time playing the Paladin class in World of Warcraft. The Aydan Edition of Maxwell  provides fans of Aydan with a unique opportunity to show their support for one of the best Call of Duty: Warzone players on the planet, while also obtaining the sonic advantage that has helped propel Aydan to recent success in the World Series of Warzone, in which Aydan is currently competing for the championship.

Audeze press release

Those interested can currently preorder Maxwell Aydan edition for $299. This is the standard price and includes all the typical accessories found with Maxwell.

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